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Channel 7's "New" Highway Patrol

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MadAzz300, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. I don't think I'm seeing things.. but they've advertised the *new* Highway Patrol (7:30pm tonight) - but it looks like they are showing footage from this

    or am I wrong... I know there's a post about this particular chase from Jan 2010 ..

    Just curious anyhow..
  2. Just saw the ad myself and the only thing in common is that there's a bike in it.
    There were no female officers in the chase you posted ;)
  3. I just caught a bit of the ad lol.. ahh well..
  4. Those cops are bloody idiots. For a minor traffic issue they endangered the lives of the motorcyclist the police themselves and the community.
  5. Its in the same area.. different bike/different cop.. they showed a bit of it last week.
  6. I'm shocked - next week features a speeding rider *wow*
  7. Hammering the motorcycles, aren't they?
  8. Ahh, LSC Steve Bull, my old mate from TNMR!!!!
  9. Did anyone notice what the plod said when he spotted 3 riders together? His immediate reaction was "They must be up to no good" Nice way to show your prejudice.
  10. same show, different plod, over two years apart- same attitude.
  11. I said exactly the same thing to my wife....What had they done to get his reaction?

    We didn't see anything other than them riding past
  12. Yep, and less than five minutes one of the bone heads proved him right.
  13. So you're saying that all riders are bone heads???
    One bone head, NOT one of the bone heads.
    Get it right.

    This leads to the next bit of VP spin. . .
    He will probably lose his licence and therefore VP will say 'another dangerous road user taken off the streets' in reality, he's not going to be taken off the streets, it's a fair bet that he'll continue to ride without a licence.
  14. So you've taken offence at someone labelling him "one of the boneheads" as if the insinuation was that we're all boneheads, but then happily lump him into the "unlicensed rider" category yourself?

    The irony is delicious - shoulda skipped breakfast...
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  15. Same bike. Same cop. Same vid and editing.
  16. Been done ad infinitum. They were driving quite safely and despite the call of "Ram him, ram him" their driving was pretty much above reproach.

  17. Yes mate, that is what I am sayin, I am saying all riders are bone heads.

    FFS. I'm saying he is one of the many boneheads out there.

    On your second point, did you watch the show? He was caught a week or so (can't remember the exact time frame) earlier doing 177kph on the Princess Hwy I think it was.
  18. What got me was when the narrator said something to the effect of "since they riders are behaving themselves, the police know they must have been spotted" - in other words, they're only behaving themselves because the cops are watching.

    They might as well have just said "100% of motorcyclists are up to no good and given half a chance are guaranteed to break the law."

    As a motorcyclist who observes the road rules and takes pride in not being among the section of the motorcycling community who also happen to be boneheads, I felt personally offended by the narrator's comment.
  19. More on topic, how did they catch him when they said the plates were fake.

    I forget exactly what the cop said but didn't he say that the plates were made or something, then how would they have linked back to the guy.

    Or I just heard it wrong and they were normal plates.