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Channel 7's Highway Patrol

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davey_charlie, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. #1 davey_charlie, Jun 2, 2011
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  2. Yeh that was me on the CBR, only a two star wanted level evasion. I was just having fun & baited them by riding across the grass, then a few lane splits and i was gone. Too easy, i got away on the day, but they owned me later :(

    *Note to self, delete all bike pics from computer.
  3. are you for real or telling porkies?
  4. see my post above
  5. The look on the cops face just after they made the first turn, you could tell he wanted them to take off so he could give his car a run.
  6. Yeah you could tell that the cop was a wanna be race car driver, the guy was all over the road. No wonder these coppers cause so many accidents, they are a menace to society. That guy was nothing more than a hoon with a badge.............afterall they already had his plates and was obvious that they werent going to catch him.
  7. which were fake.
  8. 5 char limit edit
  9. if no one saw it it was a member on here Firered

  10. now one thing the cops teach us, if you go into residential area, they cant continue the chase against you, therefore if you know you have false plates, and you got away, why admit to anything or even rock up to the police station.
  11. rofl what a utter tosspot that copper is!
  12. who watched tonight's episode where a rider split between 2 trucks which didn't end well?
  13. Yep watched it..... :(
    Monash, westgate down here have had lane increases and emergency lanes removed due to increase in traffic and are all saturated with trucks, semi's etc...
    Def not the place to split in heavy traffic if that's what happened..
  14. Yep - didn't think showing him lying on the road was good form...
  15. Yeah saw that out the corner of my eye while eating dinner.. What was the cop saying about riders??
  16. Agree, I was not too impressed with how they showed it..
  17. Anyone have a possible video link to the show?
  18. It will get the message across that splitting between moving traffic is Not smart.
    Talking about it and pictures of the bike wont have the same impact as seeing someone lying bleeding on the road.