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Channel 7 - Motorbike idiot :-o

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. #1 Matt GO!!!!!!!, Sep 26, 2007
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    Just wondering if anyone saw this on Channel 7 a few nights ago.


    I wont give much away but I love the cagers witness statement:

    "He went in between trucks and everything!"

    And also "The person that took this video estimates the bike was doing 150".

    I hope this hasnt already been posted somewhere else otherwise im a big idiot. :LOL:

    oh and this one scares me [media=youtube]qJTw5k31Ok4[/media]&search=

  2. nice wheelie.....where the problem.....it wasn't as though he was surrounded by cars/truck etc... :?
  3. Yeah, and the moron who video taped it was driving while using a mobile device! :roll: :LOL: (It was shot from the right hand seat)

    Hope the police guy booked him for three points!
  4. Why was the guy driving even taping it? It wasn't like he started the camera after the wheelie was going - he was watching him for ages waiting for him to do something. Something isn't right with this :?
  5. maybe he was filming his mate, got caught driving and using the phone, so he turned the story around making himself out to be innocent do gooder?
  6. I really do hope the driver gets booked for using his mobile while driving.
    Maybe a letter to the queensland police and channel 7 news asking them to investigate .
  7. yes its just a bit convenient isn't it.

    Like on TV when the person acts surprised even though there's a camera and sound crew recording them from inside the house.
  8. Cool, I am soooo jealous :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I wish I could mono :oops:
  9. Aint it funny that when a bike gets caught red handed doing something that is clearly dangerous and illegal that the only replies are those saying "I hope the driver gets booked for using a mobile phone while driving" :? :roll:

    There is a time and a place for everything, this guy got the time and the place wrong!

    Ch7 are right, he's an idiot! Although not for doing the mono, but for doing it there and then.
  10. Not saying what the rider did was wrong but also what the driver did was wrong and just as if not more dangerous since he wasn't concentrating on the road.
  11. Raises an interesting question.. phone camera technology is going to be increasing, in a few years we'll have phones with video cameras built in that are high quality enough to get the license plate. So we might see some vigilante cagers seeking revenge..

    So we should start videoing all the stupid shit cagers do and send that to channel fckn 7. Only problem is I'd need to buy several thousand video tapes a week..
  12. I want to know what was happening in the video before what we got shown. He's obviously been filming before what was broadcast, it'd be interesting to know why.
  13. He was probably filming himself abusing the rider and trying to hit him with car because he was overtaken. Then he ends up with that marvelous footage of the poor biker fleeing for his life which he can then show to people completely out of context.

    Wow - it's amazing how biased I've become in such a short timeframe.
  14. Video tapes?? VIDEO TAPES????! What century are you living in phizog? :LOL: :LOL: :p Come join the rest of us in 2007 matey!
  15. Not a defence, but with all the hype about people using mobiles whilst driving. Here you have some clown steering and recording at the same time!! Talk about stupid. :roll:

    Ok the guy doing the mono breeched the police state hoon laws because it’s written in ink (so it is written, so it shall be… and all were silenced) :deal: , he should be sent to gulag for his crimes against society. :roll:

    When Johnny Mcfug nuggets hits the next rider while chatting about his metro-sexual facial he had, whilst live streaming his parts on tele-cafe, it will be the riders fault as usual.

    Yay for marginalisation of a group!!
  16. the driver is definitely wrong in the first place for using mobile phone while driving.

    i tink the rider was over reacted because of poor driving shown and twist that throttle too much
  17. Wheelies are cool, stand-up wheelies are even cooler. Therefore this motorcyclist is pretty cool!
  18. :LOL:

    you know 'myspace' has gone mobile.
  19. The century where television stations still use tapes.
  20. You made no mention of the rider. Yours, & others straight away focused
    on the person who took the vid. Thats what Triway is saying.