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Channel 10's Brother in Arms

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Archaeon, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Does anyone else think this sort of "entertainment" is wrong? Do you reckon this type of depiction would be good or bad for the commoners who already have a negative view of riders in general? (ie those who categorically believe that anyone who rides a motorcycle is in some sort of gang, out to cause chaos, and is some sort of outlaw/rebel - there are people out there that truly believe this to be the case!)

    Or would it be an opportunity for them to see riders in a different light... ?


  2. I remember Milperra. It hit the international news at pretty much exactly the time that I was becoming interested in the fringes of the bike scene in the UK.

    Like it or not, it was a pivotal event and so I have no problem in principal with it's portrayal.

    Being unfamiliar with the book, the previous work of those involved in the dramatisation or their motives, I have no idea whether the Ch10 production will be any good or not. However, I'm disinclined to condemn it until the evidence is in.
  3. It's Channel 10, they will show the first two episodes, the third will be aired at a very late hour, and then you will never hear about the series again.
  4. It will interesting, but I doubt it will be good. Or accurate. Which may be a problem for CH10.

    Unlike Sons Of Anarchy, this is supposed to be relating the actual event, based around the actual clubs & people... I can see a few potential problems with that, given the shows theme.
  5. I don't think anyone is going to mistake my little CB400 for a Harley anytime soon....I think I'm safe, whew!
  6. Here is my Milpera story.I had an old Triumph,64 Bonnie and I see a swap meet advertised in The Trading Post,so I pick up a mate and his Mrs and head out in my ute.We arrive and start looking for some pub,around and around we drive,pre GPS and mobile phone days.We see a bloke riding a Harley and ask,he knows nothing.We look for copy's of The Trading Post at petrol stations and there are none.We find a phone box and ring another mate to see if he has a copy of The Trading Post,he does not.
    By then I have had enough and head home,I walk in the door to be told of the carnage at MILPERA,we have been driving around YAGOONA.I had remembered the wrong suburb.
    Just blind luck we completely ducked a bullet that day.
  7. Damn.. that was too close!
  8. The book was very well done I thought.
    I can't see this mini series being anything good from the previews. Like watching Neighbours but with hairy men.
  9. I'm with MelbourneMick on this.

    TV cannot hope to do the book justice in any suitable fashion as reading the book manages to place you within the scene, to experience second hand the causes for the tensions building up as well as the utter confusion as things got out of hand that Father's Day.

    I saw an interview with one of the actors for this TV show who said he was too scared to even talk with any Clubs to gain a better understanding of how it is in a outlaw club. Which makes me then wonder how the hell he thinks he can authentically portray the type of hard-arsed reality of those men. I don't think he could.
  10. havent read the book, Had friends from Sydney who were there on the day.
    From memory the 14 year old girl was 16 and selling raffle tickets for one of the clubs and got hit by a stray bullet. Also from memory, friends said that most people didnt know anything was happening until after it was all over, they thought a few cars backfiring strange tho.
    I was riding around townsville on a black Z1000mk2 the weekend after it happened, wondering why I was getting pulled over by the cops every 15 minutes. I gave up after 2 hours and headed back to Vic.
  11. I reckon it might give sheeple the completely wrong image of riders as a whole... People suddenly believe that everyone who rides in groups are in some sort of gang.

    I often get stares when walking into a shopping mall or take-away shop to grab a snack or drink with my boots thumping away while in full leathers lol.. though i think it's more a case of something they don't see everyday... but there is the odd full stare with the expression of "stay away from me" from time to time.. what's with that!
  12. One of the main arguments in favour of riding, I'd have thought.
  13. hehehehe.....
    thats one way to solve the smidsy issue....
    you didnt see me, well lets see whether the club see's you. (which is actually a contributing factor to these clubs, the non outlaws are there for the image, as it helps keep them protected)
  14. It may help people in cars to see bikes,

    They will think if they get too close to a bike, The rider will shoot them, Hahahahahaha

    One way of removing Smidsy, Hahahahaha

    That explains why people in cars move over for me, I always wondered about that,
  15. They are probably surprised to see a girl in full leathers,,out in public anyway.
  16. I haven't seen it yet. I am recording it as I hate adverts.
    But initial feeback from friends is
    "boring crap, turned it off"
    "when is something going to happen"
    "more boobs than bikes"

    seems like the Underbelly team have churned out another snoozefest
  17. #17 smileedude, May 15, 2012
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    I got through 20 minutes before I left in boredom. Anyone last longer?

    I spent most of that time contemplating how much paper work and bureaucracy they went through to film helmetless on public roads.

  18. I watched the whole show. I found it a bit slow at the start but towards the last 15 minutes or so the action picked up. You have to give it a little bit, next episode looks full of a lot more action :D I enjoyed it tonight and will defiantly be watching it next week.
  19. I watched the whole episode, I thought it was alright.
  20. Oh, great... That's what we need, more anti motorcycle propaganda.