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Channel 10 News - Yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nodz, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. I had the news on yesterday night but wasn't really watching it. I was in and out of the lounge room cooking tea.

    A story came on, I think it was about the one where the woman hit the 40ish y.o motorcyclist and killed him, somewhere north of the city (I think) and there's been posts about it here.

    Was this the story? What happened? Was she guilty? Was it held over for sentencing?

    Then there was a motorcyclist that was calling for anyone that is involved in an accident (not sure if the was a fatal accident, or with a motorcyclist) should be relieved of their licence. Was I correct in what I heard?

    Any info?
  2. Call for Riders to Support Family of Fallen Rider on Tuesday 5th April

    Following her appearance in the Magistrates Court on 27th January Melanie
    Louise Edwards, 27, of Mill Park, who was charged with culpable driving,
    drink driving, failure to stop and failure to render assistance in relation
    to the death of motorcycle rider Geoff Lording, will appear in the County
    Court on Tuesday 5th April.

    On 27th January Magistrate Cripps addressed the matter and advised Ms.
    Edwards that the weight of evidence against her was sufficient to result in
    a conviction on the three charges of: Culpable driving, Failing to stop at
    the scene of an accident and Failing to render assistance.

    Silent Statement

    Riders are not encouraged to attend Tuesday's hearing, but to make a silent
    statement in relation to the general issue which this case has brought to
    the surface by positioning their motorcycles outside the County Court on


    The Motorcycle community believe that any lack of severity imposed by the
    Judge in this case will simply be the source of further victimization of not
    only the Lording family, but indeed the grieving families of the many
    motorcyclists taken from us by those irresponsible, selfish car-drivers
    whose choice it is to break the law.

    There has long been debate over fairness in sentencing of car drivers for
    killing or injuring motorcycle riders. Police and courts say riders get the
    same treatment as other road users. But the perception within the motorcycle
    community is that "they don't."
  3. I think you saw John Karmouche on the telly (Glen was also prominently shown a few times, but didn't speak).

    Situation (brief): the lady driver was well over the limit, crossed the road, hit and killed a rider. After initial court appearance - before the actual trial - she was given her license back because she needed to go to / from work (innocent until guilty...). Motorcyclists were outraged how a admittedly drunk woman could receive the benefit of driving when she took someones life. From what I understand she then handed her license back in to police "out of respect for the rider".

    Don't know the situation regarding the current court situation (i.e. if she was sentenced or not...)

    John was saying that any person who has killed another road user should have their license immediately suspended until they are properly tried. I think...
  4. Yep, know the story, yesterday was the hearing. What happened at the hearing? Was she found guilty but case was held over for sentancing next month?
  5. Some argument there too boz, have heard that police simply refused to give it back to her rather than her surrending the license voluntarily.

    In regards to the case, be a very rare case that would be resolved in one day in the County Court, lawyers would hardly make it worth their while, only earn probably 5g for the day, they will drag it out to 3 days minimum I suggest.
  6. Maybe I'm just a sook, but I don't think I'd ever be able to sleep again little own want to drive. I find human nature quite fascinating at times...
  7. I chatted with a few sexy female reporters while they were in the court , but not about the issues :LOL:

    The DPPP has asked the family to go back and consider dropping the:
    1. failer to stop
    2. leaving the scene of a accident

    and only charge her with culpable driving, the defense says that you cant prove she didnt do these and they will cloud the case with these and if they throw the 2 out theres a chance that the thrid will be too.(culpable driving)
    she didnt even get in the court room for ages , they said she was too emotional distressed .

    anyway the family will decide today and get back to the DPPP and then i think it will be on again next week .

    There needs to be a bigger response from riders, channel 7 and 10 were there and there was 8 bikes turned out.
    I understand people have commitments , but if you work in the city , park there and pick up the bike at lunch time even .
    anyway , on the next hearing try and make an appearance if you can .
  8. If u can promise me endless coffee , i'll be there .
  9. Glen - getting charges dropped that's b.s. I would have thought quite easy to prove that she didn't stop or render assistance (but then again I'm not a lawyer). Surely the ambos that attended the scene can be supoenaed (spelling) saying that her car was not present when they attended the scene?
  10. When / where? I don't follow these things so I've no idea, I'm afraid.
  11. The only reason she handed in her licence was because she felt threatened by the hoards of riders who rode into the city for the protest (me being one of them). I honestly don't think it had anything to do with her thinking it was the right thing. If she did think it the right thing, why did she accept her licence back after the initial hearing?

    After having met the family on that day, I hope they throw the book at her and don't give in to the defence lawyers and reduce the charges.
  12. If I had known this was on, I would have taken the day off work!
  13. A little from column B, nothing from column A and the truth falls somewhere nearby. The defence made the request that the accused keep her licence but were somewhat suprised that public opinion was clearly against the accused having her licence. The much referred to 'act of conscience' of handing in the licence to the police was another cynical attempt by the defence to paint their client in a good light (See, clearly showing remorse!)

    If she had stuck around to help her victim I would be more inclined to feel some compassion for her situation. However, leaving the scene of the accident, lying to the police about her involvement (and culpability), instructing her lawyer to request her licence back. All of this indicates a lack of remorse on her part so I say, you're on your own - hope they throw the book at you.
  14. dave , theres a cafe next door to the court house (buetifull coffee too)
    $2.40 a cup , i had 4 between 9am and 10:15 am

    it is , i was furious and so were the others , but its the familys choice now , its up to them to decide how they want to proceeed.

    just on a side note ,
    the lording family have been working with the motorcycling community 9MRAA nad VMU) since Geoff's Death .

    They supported and came in for the Justice Ride on november last year
    They worked closely with both the motorcycling lobbys trying to change the laws and help riders
    They went with the mraa and produced a "victums impact statement" and they gave that to the minister with a copy of the "Vulnarable road uses act" that they want introduced.
    yesterday appreciated the support there and in the court .

    so the lordings are trying to not only get some justice for themselves but are trying to change things for us and get justice for all of us in the future

    yesterday was difficult to get too and timings are hard because courts tell the sequance at 9am in the morning .
    But if something else comes up in the future , and you are free , give it your support and backing.
    It not only provides support for the family , but you are doing something for all of us for the future
  15. Glen - do you know if their proposed Vulnerable Road Users Act can be obtained anywhere? I'd be interested in reading it.
  16. Do we know when the next hearing is?
  17. **\ DPPP...hmmm /**

    just imagine if the DPPP made the same request to you or your family! :evil: :x
  18. Glen - another question, how come dropping the charges against the plaintiff is the decision of the family, surely this is a criminal matter and in the hands of the police/prosecution? (Again I make reference to the fact that I'm not a lawyer, just curious)

    Would be interested in viewing a copy of the proposed Vulnerable Road Users Act that the Lording family are petitioning.
  19. the dpp could push ahead but there would be no garentee of a conviction from what i am aware of , they gave the option to the family to discuss and then the DPPP will carry out what ever is the familys wish.

    from what i am aware they want jail time ( that was what was said there on the day)

    I have made some calls and waiting for a reply to see if and where i can get my hands on a copy .[/quote]
  20. they think may next week, nothing is confirmed yet , as soon as i know anything i will place the details up .