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Chani quit smoking today.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chani, May 22, 2007.

  1. Yes, that's right, I quit smoking this morning. It's now been twelve hours since I had my last cigarette...

    I've got patches, because I'm sure I'd lose my job & plenty of friends if I went cold turkey.

    Surely there's so NR's around that have quit too?

    What can I do to amuse myself at work on break? We don't have access to internet & they're yet to install our Foxtel...

    Give me ideas & support :grin:
  2. Good luck on your journey!! :) :) :)

    You have my beessssttteest wishes towards you kicking the habit.

    Get onto quit, they have heeeeaaaps of help... including a great little time line thing of what repairs your body is making at what stage and when taste, smell etc returns and how much money saved etc etc etc

    Get on to Quit!
  3. Good luck aswell Chani! :grin:

    I've got no advice to offer otherwise I probably wouldn't be smoking right now! ;)


    And you can do it! :)
  4. Aw but chani, you'll lose your sexy husky voice....

    J/K - good luck, may this be the only time you ever have to quit.
  5. I have quit in September last year, don't try and be tough and say I don't need the patches now. Wear them untill you don't need them.

    Food tastes grouse! After you haven't smoked for a couple of weeks go and buy some top quality tomatoes, nice cheese and crackers. Taste like heavan.
  6. Good luck there Chani-Im on about 10 months, as my old boss used to say "Im always a smoker, just in a state of not smokin" ridiculously addictive hideous weed. Personally what helped me was firstly-I sleep for 8 hours and dont need one,and secondly-the brain with its thoughts,is always transient, I will have a craving, sure, :eek:hno: send myself bananas for 2-3minutes max, but the nature of thought and the mind being what it is, I know that my brain will get distracted with something else and wow and behold, what do you know, another thought comes along about god knows what, and whalah, Ive forgotten about having a cigarette till the next trigger response.

    There are still times aplenty when I get the urge,on the piss and long rides being triggers, but I know it will go away.

    BTW-I so dig your avatar, is it the coco lossle monkey?
  7. Well done Chani, giving up IS hard to do, but when you do it's a great feeling of liberation. If you are giving up because you want to and not because you think you should or because someone is nagging you, it is easier.

    I gave up in Jan 99 after 14yrs of smoking, the last 10 of which were about 15-20 a day (heavies too). I had the most amazing and vivid dreams during the process, that's how evil smokes are. The chemicals, as they leave your body try all sorts of things to affect your resolve.

    Funniest memory was waking up one morning with a cat licking the patch on my arm. I had one cat who liked coffee beans and another who liked Nicorette patches!

    Good luck, it's great when you do it!
  8. Congratulations on the desision.

    As for something to do one your breaks...
    a book and an MP3 player.
    Or just find someone to talk with (at) and don't give your mouth time for anything else.
  9. I'm sure this is just observation and has no medical value whatsoever, but my advice is, find something to do with YOUR HANDS. My observation is that many people I know smoke because it occupies their hands, as absurd as that sounds. (leaving aside the addiction thing, of course).

    So do crosswords; if you step outside with the other smokers, walk away from them and up the street and buy a paper, or a packet of chips, and distract yourself.

    I have never been a smoker, so I have no idea of the private hell it creates in its grip, and on the withdrawal process, but I applaud your decision to stop, and we'll all be there with you. And hopefully your courage will motivate others :wink:.
  10. OMG, I can so drag this to the gutter....
  11. Congrats on your decison Chani,
    Just be prepared as the decision to quit is the easy step, the decision not to have just one (coz it aint gonna hurt) is gonna be the hard one.

    The best feeling is when someone asks you "So, when was your last cigarette?" and you have to think really hard coz it was THAT long ago :grin:

    My name is Nee and it's been... wait I have to count... 142 days since my last cigarette. Although THAT was my first cigarette in 12 months or more. It was a celabratory smoke. I don't recommend them but I do recommend that you reward yourself for goals that you meet.

    i.e. stop smoking for 1 week spend the money you saved on a new pair of gloves :D
  12. Congrats on the decisions Chani! You’ve already taken the most difficult step in deciding that you want to quit!

    I gave them up twice. The first time, for about a year (until I decided that I wanted them again to occupy my mind at the time…but that’s another story) and the second time was 2 ½ years ago now. On both occasions, it was cold turkey, and I was up to a pack a day at the time.

    My advice: you need to realise that you are the one in control. You will have cravings, stress, etc. etc., as part of natural process of your body shedding itself of all of those tasty chemicals and narcotics! If, however, you can get over the mental hurdles, and realise that you can quit if you choose to, and that the only thing/person that can defeat that resolve is YOU, then you will have won the war (how’s that for a run-on sentence!!).

    As for other “aidsâ€, do whatever works for you. Occupy your hands, chew on a pen, drink copious amounts of water…whatever. You’re in control, and you’ll get through just fine! Good luck!
  13. Big congrats Chani, not only for giving up, but for announcing it to the world. that in itself, will help you stay stopped.

    the book that helped me stop and stay stopped was Alan Carr's "Easy Way To Give Up Smoking". Wellllllll worth the read.
  14. i quit for about 4 weeks until my brain injury and 2 months off with nothing.... before that though... make sure you always have plenty of chewy with you. i found that if i didn't eat it constantly, when i got that "i want a smoke real bad extra drool" session, i'd have a chewy, help me out for a little bit. and like hornet said, the hands, don't go and have a 5 minute break watching smokers smoke, go to the shop and get a can of drink or something. even if you have vending machines at work, just occupy those hideous 5 minute gaps in the day that you only become aware of after you quit smoking. the can won't cost you as much as the ciggies did anyway.

    also, i dunno if you catch trains and sh!t, but if you do.... timetables are your best friend. that 6 minute wait can become HELL without nicomotine. :?
  15. Good Luck this is my second day of non smoking.
  16. Congratulations on the big step... wish more would do it :)

    Yeah, i'm musically inclined, so mp3 it is... of tea.. i drink a lot of tea cos i get bored..

    :? Really.... ummmmmm......... :p
  17. Just rearrange the letters slightly in the threat title...
    quit chain smoking today

    Keep up the good work!
  18. and DONT have a ciggie with the patch on!!!! 2 reasons.

    A) You'll feel sick to your stomach and OD on nicotine
    8) You start getting immune to the patches and they lose all their effect.

    the first time i tried to quit i kinda did it half assed. I had the occasional smoke even though i had a patch on. soon, the cravings came back and was smoking a few a day with the patch on. They were useless.

    I had to take a break from the patches for a few months, obviously i kept smoking and then had to go through the whole thing again. This time i made sure that i didnt have a smoke at all. Worked.

    Just try to avoid drinking for a week or two (thats generally when you have weak moments) and if youre gonna be doing any exercise or anything that may make you sweat a bit, tape that little fu$#er to your body with gaffa tape so she dont come off!!!

    Another thing, plenty of chewy as suggested, ESPECIALLY after dinner!!!

    good luck with it. The first week is the hardest but also feels pretty cool when you start coughing up all the crap that has been in your body whilst you were smoking!! You start breathing easier, feel more awake in the mornings, your taste for food comes back (try and do some exercise otherwise you may gain a lil weight) and generally, you wont look back. dont let any mates try and shit stir you either. My mates used to spark up infront of me and use the old "ahhhhhh, that sweet laramie taste" simpsons quote. Sure as hell didnt help.

    Good luck!!
  19. Chani Chani
    She's our girl
    Don't smoke a ciggie
    It'll make you hurl (while you're on patches)

    Gooooooooo Chani... You can do it :grin:

    movin ~ Chani's av is Curious George.... the little blighter is so cute :p
  20. Quitting is easy.

    I do it all the time.