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Chani had a bingle...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chani, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. First of, sorry I didn't make it out to meet everyone the other day. I got drawn to the spa & my phone battery died.

    Anyway. I rode out to Cranbourne on Saturday, got there fine (speedo is twenty ks out!!!)

    Was coming home yesterday. & was so proud of myself for merging from the Westgate onto the Bolte on ramp & getting around that corner.

    I was literally a five minute walk from my house, just on the corner of Smithfield & Racecourse Rd, when all of a sudden the three cars in front of me slammed their brakes on. I grabed the back break & the whole time I could see the car getting closer & closer, my back wheel started fishtailing, the entire time the only thing going through my head was "Grab the front break, grab the front break". My hands refused to co-operate & I hit the back left tail light of the car in front.

    Damage so far to my poor baby appears to only be the right fairing & head light... But I haven't had it checked yet.

    I was crying when I hit the car & the lady I hit was not nice at all. She did not ask me if I was ok, even though clearly I wasn't. She just demanded to see my licence to take my details. She left the accident within about ten minutes. & refused to give me her details.

    Spent two hours after it crying, like the girl I am!!

    But I would like to say thank you to the lovely rider that stopped & got me out of my helmet, sat me down & surveyed the damage. & then RODE my bike home for me. If you are a NR by chance, I'd like to buy you a drink.

    & to the lovely man driving his car behind me, that got all of the other ladies details & drove me home & drove the above guy back to his bike, thank you as well.

    I've called Swann, my excess if going to be $1400. They suggested that I get quotes & most likely not bother going through them. Luckily I know two panel beaters who will fix the green paint on the car & the headlight. & a long time friend of my family is a bike mechanic for Peter Stevens, so I'll get a home quote & a store quote from him to get the ball rolling.

    I am lead to believe the lady was uninsured & unlicenced. As I had a phone call from someone that was not from an insurance company this morning on behalf of the lady. But who knows.

    I'm just glad I didn't have to test my gear, as I stayed upright. But my boots will keep me protected, I gave the bluestones a fair kick when I realised what I'd done.

    That & my ego got a fair beating... As well as my poor Liver last night.
  2. Well that's pretty shitty.

    You must live just around the corner from me. Get your bike together (I can take a squiz if you like) and if you want to do some carpark work to get your emergency brake and swerve together, gimme a yell.
  3. Thank you :)

    Once it's back together I'll take you up on that.
  4. hey,

    sorry to hear about your spill! good luck at getting it all fixed. Stupid insurance companys always screw you around ;-)

    sorry to be an a$$, but can I ask why you didn't grab the front brake in the first place?

    I am not having a dig, because I cant talk as I binned my baby the other day by grabbing too much front! $1200 laters, I won't be making that mistake anytime soon again...... i ride like a granny now LOL!

    Take it easy.
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    Sorry to hear about your little accident, but if the person driving the other car was unlicensed and refused to give you her details then I don't think they can make a claim against you.

    That's what I understand, but get some legal advice on this.
  6. Not so funny story. I kept using the front brake for normal breaking & I always break to quickly for just everyday traffic... So I started using the back break & got into the habit...

    So stupid really.
  7. Thats a real bumber. hope u get everything fixed quickly
  8. Definately get some legal advice on this. The other driver has a legal obligation to provided their details. From what you have said though, you are 100% at fault unfortunately. Only a lawyer would have any idea on how to best persue (or not persue this). Hope you and the bike mend up quickly.
  9. Aaaah sh!te.
    Sorry to hear that Chani, i was just talking to you the other day mate.
    Don't, whatever you do, beat yourself up.
    Beat that dozy woman up instead. And be pleased it wasn't her who tail ended you.
    Good on ya Loz. From the brief conversation i had with Chani, she's a sweet girl. Needs to be tucked safely under someone's wing for a little while. I pointed her at Raven, when he's got some time.
    I'll know you'll look after her.


    Chani, pm me your number if you want a chat. I think i lost it.
  10. Mmmm, I believe you'd still be liable most likely but the cops would be more than happy to deal with her leaving the scene failing to give her details. If she's also unlicenced she's stuffed so she'd be stupid to ask you for money. If she does ask, discuss it with your insurance co and make a report if they agree. You might have to pay still, but if she's going to be a biatch about it then it's only fair she gets her karma. :wink:
  11. Yeah, you would be liable but she is screwed for not giving her details ESPECIALLY if you have a witness. She most likely had lost her licence. She might be stuffed chasing you for money. I,d be telling her that she aint getting a thing till I see proof that she has a licence and reg on the car. And if you have a witness, just mumble about you need to report her not giving her details and watch her hang up

    But hey if you are insured then running that by the insurance company has got to be a good thing.
  12. Chani,

    First of all, sorry to hear about the bingle, and the associated repair headaches. glad to hear that apart from the scare, you're ok.

    Second of all, lose the rear brake habit. What you experienced is the EXACT reason overusing rear brake is discouraged in motorcycle training circles.... because you'll use it instead of the front in an emergency!!!

    Sounds like you fear the front... but you have to understand, that the front only slows down the bike in proportion to the force you put into the lever... the control is ALL yours. It's not "all on, all off".

    Take up Loz's offer of carpark time. He's a ripper teacher and a funny bugger. You''ll have a blast and be a better rider at the end of it.

    Hope the bike comes back together without too much hip pocket pain!


  13. Bummer about binning the bike. but well impressed you kept it upright.
    Hope you get the NSR back on road soon. Otherwise no rice for weeks.
  14. Not much I can say that hasn't already been said,
    Apart from - Definately take Loz up on his offer, he's a top teacher and is a fairly good handy man when it comes to bikes too :D

    Just don't go on the black spur with him :p
  15. Forget the other driver, Chani, save your pennies and fix your bike. The money you would have spent fixing her car, spend on some advanced riding lessons, concentrating on the front brake, OK?? :)
  16. Sorry to hear about your bingle.

    Yeah, forget about a lawyer, do it yourself. Go to the local courts and do a small claims application. But make sure all the facts are correct for the courts to rule upon.

    Sad to hear though your bingle wasn't of the Lara variety !!

    Get it Paul !!
    Lara variety !!

    Get it ?, Get it ??
  17. I'd voice your suspicions to your insurance company - let them follow it up.

    Insurance companies have more practice, and are a lot better than you at not paying people - so leave it to them.
    A lot of insurance companies also say you must not communicate with the other party involved [particularly admitting liability in any way].

    A friend of mine's mother was driving his car when a lady pulled out of a side-street and hit it.
    This other lady was totally at fault. My friend AND his mother received harassing phonecalls from that lady's insurance company, basically really sneaky stuff asking them "Do you feel there was any way you could have avoided the accident?" and asking for a new version of events etc.
    Luckily my friend was smart enough to just tell them "No comment." and hang up.
  18. +1 on what Seany said. Really sorry about the accident. When i first started riding i found i was doing similar to you with the back brake. Luckily I didn't get the harsh lesson you did. I realised what i was doing and forced myself back to the straight and narrow. i still use the back brake more than front for commute braking, however always setup on front brake, and, mostly use it for the final stop (to keep the habit).
  19. Sorry about the crash Chani, but if it were me I wouldn't like to shirk on my responsibilities.

    It shouldn't matter whether she was licensed or not, that matter is best dealt with by the police. It's quite possible that the lady was just having a bad day and was frustated (though I'd trust your recommendation, you were the one actually there).

    My other half was driving her little Hyundai around a shopping centre car park in Murray Bridge. She was waiting to exit the centre, stopped in a queue near the road. An older gentleman was parked in a bay directly to the side of her car. Whilst my girl was waiting to exit, he walked past her car, got in his, and promptly reversed straight in to her door and side panel.

    My girl had unfortunately endured 3 seperate accidents within 6 months, and this was the fourth. None of her accidents were her fault - they involved other drivers (and one kangaroo!) not looking in the first place.

    At this point she had enough, got out of her car and cried out "thanks very much" and promptly ran to the toilets to cry. Her dad was in the car at the time so he sorted out the details with the driver.

    My point is that you did end up getting her details, albeit through another source. I would hope that this wouldn't be enough reason to refuse to pay for her repairs.

    One aspect to consider is that if this situation is reversed. Now Chani, I'm in no-way comparing this to your accident, but quite a few riders have posted about having an accident, not their fault, but are unable to recover costs from drivers involved. Is this really much different?
  20. I don't get it. Where the bloody hell's the joke?