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Changing the visor on a nitro 1000

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by HARV3Y, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Tried to search but the page wouldn't display (promise, don't shoot!!)

    Need to know how to change the visor on my Nitro 1000 helmet. I fiddle with the venting buttons and broke something when my helmet arrived so i really don't wanna play with it before being told what to do.

    Thanks guys :grin:
  2. I can't help other than to offer moral support: There are at least two nubs who can't get the visor off their Nitro helmet! I tried taking it off mine, got one side off ok but the other was stuck.
    There's a lever on both sides, indented where the visor hinges, that you can press to unlatch the visor. I can see how it works, but because it relies on flexing little plastic latches, one of the latches isn't flexing far enough and is catching. I'm afraid using more pressure will snap something!
    Awkward mechanism IMO, but then, it was a cheap helmet. I just wash the visor with it attached :)
  3. did it come with a booklet about the helmet, its in there .. :grin:
  4. Not mine, I bought it new but it was on sale off the shelf, no boxing. It's obvious how it works anyway, that's not the problem. It just doesn't seem to be manufactured well.
  5. thanks nikku now i see how it works, one side clips off fairly easily the other one i haven't managed to yank off yet. i'll keep fiddling when i get home otherwise i'll b riding home visor-less!! cheers guys
  6. move the lever
    then it's a case of wiggling it free, be careful though, they're not the strongest system in the world, and the little piece at the top breaks.

    Putting it back in, same theory, wiggle it in, usually top first, then it'll click in.
  7. ahhhhhhhhh thought i busted it. one side still wont come out.... i'll get it sooner or later.

    ta for those oggys today tanya :)
  8. it can sometimes be hard to take out. just pull the unclick button thingo until its unlock and then twist and pull the visor and it should come out. it is only hard when u just got it but it gets easier.
  9. i didn't realise it was you lol

    If you can't get it bring it back and I'll show you :)

    I normally do show people how to change visors, I was just a bit busy :(
  10. haha no wuckas, seems to be getting easier. but i scratched the visor this morning :'(