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Changing the Diaphram (Piston Valve) on a GT650R

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by enigmatic650, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    Would anyone here in the sydney region be willing to help me change my Piston Valves on my hyosung GT650R. A case of Beer would be waiting.

    I have the service manual for my bike (anyone need it??. Drop me a line) and it seems pretty straigh forward. But A second helping hand would be even better, As i dont trust myself with Carbs, Nor the carbs in food either.. :p .

    Cheers all.

    BTW. I forgot my password for my other screen name. So i just made another one up (previously enigma)

  2. Let me guess; the bike is a 650 LAMS and you want to de-restrict it before the 12 months is up??
  3. hehe, am i really that obvious :shock: :p :LOL:
  4. The lack of any other possibility does give you away. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. You are aware that the dealer who sold you the bike has registered its LAMS status with both the RTA and the Police, I trust?
  6. So when they run the plate, it'll come up learner legal and send you on your way. :grin:
  7. it wouldent be that hard to get a GT650L and unrestrict it without anyone finding out?
    thats before ya 12mths are up
  8. Funny enough. some mechanics and dealers (cant mention who) are willing to derestrict the bike for you as long as you get the parts from suzuki.

    But yeah, It would be derestricted. But still classified as a LAMS bike. Every hyosung owner does it. Well at least the ones i've come accross.
  9. sounds easy ;)
    im sure my mechanic would do it all for me :D

    whats the cost of changing the slides?
  10. If you want a hand, I'll help you out. Don't worry about the case, just have to go for a ride after the event

    PM me and I'll help you with ordering the parts you'll need.

    While the carbies are off, consider replacing the main jets with 145.

    I'm going to cut the centre of the air filter out soon so I'll give you a review after doing that. Also shutting the air injection off.
  11. Thanks mate, I just have to troll a bit to increase my post count. But if you can send me a PM with all your details. That would be cool.

    I've already got the slides in my hot little hands. but if you can give me some info on the main jets (order codes / prices) I'll consider them too. And as for the ride.. You wouldnt be a motorcyclist if you didn't want to go for a ride after working on your own bike. :cool:


    The total cost of the slides are 128.60 and the suzuki re-order code is 13501-33E00. Any suzuki place should have them or get them within a day or 2. (FYI - these are the same slides in the carbies of the SV650)
  12. But you didn't see the part number here!!

    The swap is easy, just takes some time and a little bit of grease.
  13. GT650L

    Hi everyone, can someone please help me with puting on suzuki part on my gt650l ??

    thanks alot guys.