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Changing the colour of my rims

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Gavman, May 16, 2007.

  1. At the moment i am riding a 05 VFR with silver rims.

    I have thought about changing them if possible to black

    I guess the things i am hoping to find out are-

    a. Is it possibble ?
    b. What sort of cost would be involved ?
    c. Is it a safe thing to do ?

    cheers Gavin
  2. (a) Probably
    (b) No Idea, probably a couple of hundred to several hundred depending on how much work you want to do yourself
    (c) Can't see any reason why it wouldn't be safe.

    There are a few ways... the quick, easy, cheap and most crappy way (which I would recommend if you had an old bike) would be to mask the tyres, sand the rims and do a rattlecan spray job. Probably wouldn't last long though.

    You can also get it sprayed properly, but again... probably wouldn't last long (due to stone chips, etc). The best way would be to powdercoat it. If you pulled both rims off and stripped everything (inc. bearings, etc) from them, removed the tyres then sandblasted or acid dipped them you could get them powder coated black for (probably) not much money. If you paid someone to do all of the above... you would get stung a fair bit I would think
  3. Thanks cflake

    I think the powder coating sounds like the best option.
    But as i am not very mechanically confidant i would need probably need to have it done by someone who is. I think the labour cost might be the biggest issue.
  4. Powdercoating is cheap and the best way to change wheel colour, depending where you go it's $40-60 per wheel.

    I've had a fair few done over the years, just remember to take the bearings out, and tape up the faces where the discs bolt onto, otherwise it can warp the face slightly when you remove the powdercoat from that area (leading to a pulsating brake lever).
  5. If you are after something different, check out Electromold - they do some neat stuff.

    Check it out:




    Not as cheap as powdercoating I am told.
  6. Thanks mate.
    They do look nice, in particular the blue ones.... :cool:
  7. Anodising looks cool too, but $$$$$$$$$.
    I've successfully painted both car and bike wheels with hammertone paint, available in several colours, and gives a great forget metal sort of look with the colour you choose.
    Teh beauty of hammertone paint is is hides chips and scratches (but you should still prepare the wheels properly) and is applied with a brush.

    Regards, Andrew.