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Changing sprocket

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by conspiracytheorist, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. My chain needs replacing and after checking the tips of my sprockets for flatness (thanks donkey for that advice) I realise I need new sprockets as well.

    I'm wondering about changing the ratio. The rear is 47 teeth at the moment. But I'm wondering what exactly are the effects of changing the ratio? Like what does more teeth and less teeth do? I know its related to top speed and acceleration but can't remember which does which. Any help/general advice?

  2. to what i remember, more teeth on the rear raise acceleration and lowers top speed, as less teeth on the rear does the opposite. As for the front sprocket less is low top speed and higher acceleration, as more is the opposite.

    Hope thats explained enough, Im to lazy into full detail.
  3. As above.

    When I rode a postie, I put a front sprocket on with more teeth (tried 16 and 17) and was a marked improvement for touring - but given around town acceleration was crap to begin with, made it even worse!

    On my ZZR, have stuck with standard ratio.
  4. How does each gear get affected? Like if I got more teeth on the rear how would speeds of certain gears change?

    And would changing sprockets change the powerbands of rpms?

  5. How many teeth did you want on the rear? Also why are you wanting to do this? to be able to wheelie? fast take offs?
  6. Hit the Search, there's more there to help you.
  7. Yeh I'll have a search.. forgot about that.

    Not sure how many teeth I would want, but commuting at high rpm is boring.

    Would like the faster accel and top speed is 170, and I don't use more than 140.
  8. Correct me if im wrong but wouldn't raising the teeth on the rear make you ride at Higher rpm?
  9. I don't know, thats why I'm asking :LOL:

    Also, anyone have a rough idea of cost of chain and sprocket + getting them on?
  10. if you want to ride at lower rpm got more on the front and less on the rear.

    -1 on the front is like 2 oon the rear and vise versa. For prices well a really rough guess $60-$100 for the chain, sprockets would be like $20-$50, i don't really know just a quick guess.
  11. Hehe you obviously don't know Phizog well enough :p :p :p
  12. I know, Although if it was for wheelies i'd say stuff the sprocket change as zzr250 do wheelies fine stock. For the acceleration thing i mean your riding a 250 commuter how much more acceleration do you think you can get out of it. :p

    Oh if you wanna go faster nothing beats losing kilos, its the cheapest go fast mod there is.
  13. [​IMG]

    'nuff said.
  14. i don't get it? :p
  15. :rofl:

    Well said loth. Probably need to see the full image in camp quality thread to get the joke.

    I've got the wheel up a few inches but don't have any interest in more than that on a 250. I'll probably just keep the original sprocket ratio since my main complaint is going 110 @ 9000 rpm. Actually now that my speedo is correct, 110 is now about 10000rpm :LOL: But since I only care about constant unvarying rpm (ie freeway riding), not so much of a problem as when I can legally go 110 I can also upgrade.. So I'll just keep current config I think.

    If only I could get faster accel @ lower rpm! :(
  16. So anyway I'm gonna go for 15/45 and was wondering if anyone else had tried that on a zzr? (stock is 14/45). My back is actually 47 at the moment, which explains why its around 9000rpm going 100.
  17. my old sprocket were 14/41 (stock is 14/48). i didnt know this coz it came with the bike so when i put it back to stock setting, i was cruising at 8000rpm at 100 (before was 7000rpm).
    what did i notice from going to the stock setting? errr shit loads faster acceleration and now i can do mono as good as my brothers 600.
    if commuting around the city, def go with the stock settings coz remember its only a zzr. if u want faster acceleration, just wait to upgrade.