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Changing Ride Height - Do new NSW restrictions apply to us?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bunabaroo, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. The NSW Gov is changing the law from August 1st regarding modifications to vehicle ride height. If it is changed AT ALL it will need to be certified by licensed RTA engineers at a cost to the vehicles owner of up to $1000, and the certificate must be produced if the Police or RTA request it. The fine for not having such a certificate will be $7700.

    It's clear that anyone with a lowered or raised car or 4WD is screwed, but...

    The question we have to ask ourselves is how will this affect us?

    Many bikes have adjustable ride height at the front and/or rear, and many people take advantage of this to improve the handling, and therefore safety, of their motorcycle. For example, a friend of mine has trouble manouvering her bike at low speed because it is a bit too tall for her, she is investigating ways to lower it by about 20mm front and back. The bike wil be safer for her to ride when it is lowered, and she is not alone.

    Useful links....

    The new rules

    Rules for modifying motorcycles

    What are your thoughts? [/url]
  2. my thoughts are, just more money for the gov, what on earth do they know about cars and bikes?
  3. Sucks to have a lowered car right now!
  4. I dont think it will be enforced on bikes, regardless of what the law says.

    How are they going to pick a raised or lowered bike? Its not like you slam your bike on 20's and flare the guards so they dont rub when you turn corners.

    Basically its gonna be too hard for them to pick by eye so they aren't going to bother unless they have a really good reason to check.
  5. Just had a look at the first link. It allows for vehicles with variable suspension height controls which should cover bikes with such an arrangement. Also it only applies to vehicles modified or presented to an AUVIS after 31 July 2009.
  6. So how do they enforce it? When they ask do you just say "nah mate, I did this on the 30th of July."
  7. will probably be for all new cars after 30th july, only a guess
  8. I wouldn't know. I'm just interpreting the document and it hasn't got those details. However in reading that line I would say it is a long way around of saying that any vehicle presented for checking after that date should comply. How they check whether a vehicle complies with it, or enforce the legislation would be based on standard methods used until now. I would expect.
  9. They'll start to implement it from that date when you have a yearly rego inspection, that's the way they do things. Interestingly, they don't inspect new cars for the first few years. I think they are mainly after those who dump their ride to the point where it is dangerous. 20-30mm will be ignored, suspension can sag that much over the life of a vehicle.
  10. I reckon it will be basically impossible to enforce on bikes, plus, most bikes have variable suspension, so we're exempt. :grin: