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Changing rego from LAMS to full power

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by drjay555, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all
    have been trying to get some info on how to go about changing rego from LAMS to full power. Any ideas/ information on this ? thanks

  2. You need to de-register it, then have it inspected (at some cost) and re-registered as non-LAMS. The process may then never be reversed (ie, it can never be registered as a LAMS bike again).
    During this process you've not only spent hundreds on the legals, but lost (potentially) thousands from the value of the bike (LAMS attracts a premium...).
  3. Yep what he said ^^
    Don't bother, just de-restrict it and keep it lams-win/win
  4. Why would you bother?
  5. Like NiteKreeper said don't bother with it mate & definitely don't de-restrict & keep it Lam's registered as that's a whole different kind of illegal you don't want to go through.
  6. I didn't say don't derestrict it, I simply said it wasn't worth the cost to register it...
  7. Sell it and buy the same bike non lams for less money and spend the difference on beer
  8. sounds good to me. Cheers and thanks for the info guys. Keep riding.
  9. Derestrict it and don't bother changing the reg. Probablity of it being checked would be very unlikely, if you get pinged by the po po you can always go back to stock.
  10. Would that be Chicken or Beef Stock?
    Cos if you get busted you're walking home, and probably without a license too...
  11. Why is everyone hell bent on thinking they are going to get busted? For starters, any mod on a LAMS bike will get you done even just a can, now show me how many LAMS bikes don't at least have a can on them. Second, any mod to performance is impossible to detect on the side of the road.

    Gee, lot of dogooders around here...Guess you lot don't speed either?
  12. Both my lams bike and lams scoot dont have a can.

    I think you will find that its when you crash its an issue.
  13. I thought having a blustery can on my LAMS bike made me an individual :(
  14. Weeell, I have changed the can :) and a guy stopped over on the Snowy's ride to say "WHAT IS THAT PIPE, ITS EVEN LOUDER THAN MINE"....
    Now that I have my full licence , I keep looking at bigger bikes. My present one is a 2011 Kwaka 650RL with a teeny mod that allows the throttle to twist just a leetle more. I do keep the revs down when I am driving thru town(trying to look inconspicuous).
  15. Erm, until you mentioned it Cazzo, nobody was talking about getting busted were they?
    And if you read my post again, it talks about what might happen IF you get busted, not the likelihood of same...

    Fuck me, but there's a lot of people on high, high horses around here lately...
  16. I'm assuming he is comming off his restrictions, therefore riding a de-restricted bike is completely legal. The fact that It's registered as a LAMS bike has nothing to do with him breaking his licencing rules...he will never be 'walking home' and definately won't be losing his licence if pulled over.

    'Selling' the bike as a de-restricted but still LAMS registered bike is the only time he'll run into some problems. But that's for the buyer to look into and choose weather or not to take the risk (most cops purely look for the L on the rego, so I'd be supprised to hear of anyone getting done riding a de-restricted LAMS bike anyway).

  17. Given the OP wanted to get it registered ad non-LAMS he's on an open licence.

    Why would it be illegal?
    Seems like it'd be like making any other performance mod to a bike at that point.
  18. Hey guys,
    I seemed to have triggered off a minor battle here. I did say in my original post that I was enquiring about going about getting a LAMS bike re-registered to full power option, which would imply that I had obtained my full licence. Its obvious now that doing this would entail a lot of trouble and expense. Needless to say, when the time comes I should just re-restrict the bike and sell it a get a bigger one. Till then, she's going pretty good and I'll keep riding. The advice given is all good. thanks and chill out and have another beer!
  19. So will VicRoads allow you to remove the restrictor and thus remove the LAMS from the rego?

    Called my insurance company and they said not a worry as it is only a small modification.

    Couldn't get my bike in non LAMS as the white ones are all restricted. They only had black in non restricted.

    Plus don't care about resale as not looking to, am planning to have the bike a long time.

    Just want to see if I can remove restrictions legally.
  20. Call vicroads, you will just get speculation here. Even if someone has done it, they change the rules so much, it is better to call.