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changing plugs and leads

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ibanez, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I need to change my plugs and leads on my 92 GSXR750. Changing plugs ive done before thats not hard, but ive never replaced leads before. Im no mechanic, is it just a matter of looking at the old leads and putting the new ones in the way the old ones come out. Any tips? I have not bought the new leads or plugs, any suggestions on what brands to use or where to purchase these from.

  2. yep, just put the new ones on just as the old ones were. replace them one at a time, to ensure you dont get the firing order mixed up and you'll be set.
    as for brands, get the best that you can afford.
  3. +1 to _joel_...

    Do the spark park leads one by one like Joel said! If you mix up the order your engine may not start or will start but sound and run like sh|t
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  5. and if they are black? :LOL:
    nah, thats the official way, usually done with a bit of masking tape and a number or something. but that's when you are doing more invasive maintenance at the same time. i find the one-out-one-in method to be easiest on my simple brain. plus i couldnt be stuffed writing numbers.
  6. Some plug leads are sealed/moulded to the coils so it may not be a straight forward swap.

    Have a look before spending any money.
  7. thanks for the advice, i forgot i have to get the firing order right.

    thanks for the link, but i dosnt have my correct model. It has a 93 750 or a 92 1100, could i use one of these or neither. i have searched the web previously to find the manual to no avail.

    The reason im changing the plugs and leads is that my bike has started to splutter as if its not getting enough fuel mainly when its under acceleration. i was not thinking it was carby related as i have just recently had it re-jetted, balanced and tuned on the dyno and was a amazed by the improvement in performance once completed. Checked all fuel lines and fuel filter, they looked good. So i thought id change plugs and leads to see if that would eleminate to problem. Im not to sure how old the plugs are but i definately need new leads as they are pretty ratty. Now I just returned from putting a fresh tank of fuel in it and took it for about a 20km ride (streets and highway) and the bike didnt skip a beat, were as before the fresh fuel i couldnt go 100metres without spluttering. So at this stage im now thinking dodgy fuel is/was the problem. I will still be changing the plugs and leads as i think their due to be replaced.

    sorry long post
  8. I believe the 750 is water cooled for 92 (?), so the 93 750 manual should be close enough. If it's air/oil 91 1100 will be pretty close.

    The leads can be replace on these bikes, but be very, very careful getting the leads out of the coils. the little plastic clip is very fragile.

    Also, I found it hard to get lead wire last time I did it. The silicone/graphite leads can't be used.

    It's hard to get the coils mixed up on these things. One coil fires 1 and 4, whilst another fires 2 & 3.

    Also did they replace the plugs when they did the carbie work? I've found the plug catalogues for these bikes are wrong in that they specify a non-R plug (no integral resister). Make sure you get the r type plugs, otherwise it only fires on 2 cylinders under load.