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Changing oil on a Honda Spada VT250

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Puffin, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. It seems easy enough - I have the service manual.

    My question is this: What oil should I use? The Spada is a 4 stroke, right?

    Also, where can I buy an oil filter for the bike from? Just a regular bike shop...?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. It's the easiest and most important job you can do for your bike.

    Use whatever brand of oil you prefer (ie. what your dealer stocks :LOL: ) and get a motorcycle oil (10W40 semi synthetic or as per handbook recommends).

    Yes it's a four stroke, don't buy two-stroke oil.

    Dealer should have filters and oil. Also get a drain plug washer while you're there.
  3. Any one have experience using normal Motor Oil in Spada's?

    I just bought two litres of 10w40 Magnitec and was thinking of trying it out?
  4. Big debate on this one. For mine the oil in a bike has to preserve the engine, gearbox and clutch (in most bikes).
    In a car these are two different oils.
    So I use a motorcycle oil. That is said to protect them all.
    I use to be a Motul fan.
    Now I use the Castrol synthetic motorcycle oil from super cheap. It's well priced and so far no problems at all with it.
  5. Yeah i read allot about it today.

    I put it in, warmed it up and went for a run. Didnt experience any slippage, even at the full throtal (not held during engaging clutch obviously) 12,000 RPM gear changes. Didnt feel any different apart from felling much better (oil had been a little low for a month) i only ride occasionaly but have just sold my car.

    Either way i'll drop the oil out tomorrow and replace with bike oil just incase I end up screwing the clutch plate and i need a new assembly.
  6. Does it have the magical friction modifiers?
  7. Its not labelled as 'Energy Conserving' so i dont believe it does. Although a quick goggle search indicated that it may contain some form of Friction Modifiers.

    But i think the main point is the gear box and clutch, and it is correct to say the Castrol Magnatic i put in it is not designed to be in either of these components. I would be interested to see what the difference in ingredients are though, Zinc etc etc and difference in amounts for oil for each component....
  8. I use high grade diesel truck oil, non synthetic, 10W-40.
  9. Hey Puffin, you mentioned you have the service manual for the vt250, do you reckon you could send it my way?
  10. In mine i use castrol activ 4t get it from supercheap auto for a tad over 30 bucks for 4l. It works a treat and you won't be sorry if it is a daily ride.
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