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changing oil filter on a cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dazR, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I've had my cbr250rr for roughly 4 months now and coming up to its first oil change, haven't had a problem changing sparkies and all that, just not too sure where abouts the oil filter is located, I've done a bit of a search and it says to read the maintenance manual but all the links I've tried to download one of these off were broken. If someone could lend a hand it'd be greatly appreciated


  2. Hey Dazr,

    Two bolts directly underneath, ones a 12mm (Filter Bolt- which has ridges around it) and the others a 17mm bolt which is your sump drain bolt. There is no need to take the fairings off to get to it either, just have to be a bit careful not too drip oil on em.

    There is not too much else under there so when you have a look you'll realise its pretty straight forward.

    Good luck, if you need any more help let me know, i have a pretty good guide to doing the filter/oil change.
  3. cheers, i'll give it a go now
  4. yep easy enough to find, thanks for the help

    filter just goes out and new one goes in right?

    new oil in, old out

    thats it yeah? just makin sure i havent' left anything or if a bike service is different to a cars
  5. Nup that is all. Just make sure that you remember to put the metal washer from the sump bolt back on when putting it back in. Apart from that... You're done :grin:

    Obviously the other way around but yeah... :)
  6. sweet, all done, thanks for your help mate

    bike's runnin beautifully
  7. nice to see you got it all sorted, but:

    did you change both o rings when you put in your new filter (an oring on the rod, and another o ring on the metal plate)? if no, then make sure you change it next time.

    did you throw away the washer that sits between the spring and filter element? if yes, i'd go back into the bin and look for it. the washer sometimes gets stuck to the old filter.

    did you change your crush washer for your sump plug? if no, well make sure you change it next time to prevent your sump's thread from stripping.
  8. Hey Biceps... There's two things that i wasnt too aware of... Firstly, i dont think i had a washer between the spring and the filter, what is this for and what are the effects of not having it?

    Secondly, whats the crush washer and how does differ from a standard washer?

  9. oooo better go back and check lol

    what happens if i threw away the washer on the old filter?

    shouldn't be any probs right
  10. Yep. there is infact a washer between a spring and the filter. You may have thrown it out unknowingly in your first oil change (the washer tends to stick onto the filter) OR the previous owner chucked it out. Not having this washer shouldnt harm your bike, as (im guessing here) it's sole purpose is to equally distribute the force across the filter.

    secondly, the crush washer that is on your sump plug is a soft metal designed to prevent you from stripping your sump (which happens when you over-tighten the sump plug). If you've got a stripped sump, oil will leak out of here. In the event you do over tighten this nut, the crush washer will compress and take some of that force.

    It's a good idea to change the crush washer every oil change... but if your careful, you can reuse this washer a few times.