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Changing oil but not changing filter?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Unconnected, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, so im a retard at bike maintainence, but i can swap my oil, ive done it before.

    Anyway i want to swap my oil this long weekend, because i have the time, however the only auto store open is supercheap, they sell the right oil for my bike (though not the brand id prefer, normally use 10-40w motul) but they do not sell oil filters.

    I have heard that i only need to change the filter every other oil change, is this correct?

    Because if so i think ill just swap oil, not filter, but im not sure.

    I know this post makes little sense, i appreciate your understanding.
  2. Changing your oil without your oil filter is like re-using a secondhand condom.

    ALWAYS do the both together.
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  3. Supercheap does sell filters. I got one for my VTR there.
  4. Oh really pastafarian. hmmm i might give them a call and see if they have my filter, i only saw car ones on the net.
  5. They don't have all stock on the net. Check your filter code and also google to find if alternative brand filters will match.
  6. When i owned your bike I could get the K&N's from Autobarn so supercheap should have it too
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  7. Would it hurt that much to put the oil you just bought in a corner and get the appropriate oil filter during the next week. Then do your oil & filter change NEXT weekend.....8-[

    ...just thinking outside the box for a moment...
  8. Look for Vesrah SF-1002

    Same filter for the VTR actually.

    http://catalog.vesrah.co.jp/list/street_oil_filter.asp - I searched for cb250f.

    Should be listed on supercheaps website.
  9. It's usually done together, but most manuals only say to do it every second. I reckon it's a bit like that filter thread that was mentioned a few days back. It doesn't need to get done but it's cheap insurance and a bonus safety factor.
  10. well its 8 dollars for a new filter and you need to remove it in order to fully drain the oil anyway so its not a surprise that most do both at once. thanks for your help everyone
  11. As far as oil & oil filter changing goes , always do both at the same time , to not replace the filter would be wasting the new oil , as for you're VTR Honda , if it uses a screw on type filter , then it should be a Ryco Z436 which is a car oil filter , i did some research on the Honda filter part number & it cross references with the Ryco brand which are a very good quality & well respected brand filter which is available from most car parts shops , have had this filter on my 09 CB400 for a while now & all seems fine.
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  12. it uses the filter from an MC19 engine, same as a CBR250R (1990s model.) its not an issue finding the filter except when its a public holiday.
  13. Speaking of oil changes.. Never done it before.. ever! Always left it in the hands of the mechs come service time.

    How is it done? Same on all bikes? (mines a Gixer 750)
    Any special tools required? (where can i get em?)
    Where do you dispose of the old oil?
  14. Warm up bike for a bit, take off the cap and then remove sump bolt. Drain.
    If you want to change filter, sometimes the placement can be a pain and you may need a tool for it. sometimes you don't.
    Replace sump bolt.
    Fill with oil.
    Put oil cap back on.
    Start bike for 30 seconds or so and then let the oil settle to check level. Fill if needed.

    If you don't have a spare empty tin handy, it's easiest just to put it down the nearest storm drain and blame it on the wild weather.
  15. Would you need to replace the sump bolt with a new one?
    Where's the filter located?

    .. but what about the jellyfish and eels..!
    Can I just take it to any mechanic to dispose?
  16. Do you need to replace fairing screws when you take them out? No. Same goes for every other bolt and screw. However, it's likely your sump bolt will have a magnetic point. Make sure it's clean and lacking little pieces of shiny stuff before you put it back in. Filter location is different on each bike. I'm guessing for the 750 it's an external screw on, so look for a black thing roughly round that is about 6-7cm dia and same depth coming somewhere off the sump, the front would be my guess. Something like this:

  17. While I agree changing the filter makes sense, I've changed the oil on my bike and left the old filter in before. The world didn't end.
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  18. DR650 factory manual says filter every 2nd oil change. But for $5 and three screws, why wouldn't you change it?
  19. Yeh, don't do that.

    Use a bloody joke emoticon will ya Lilley.
  20. http://recyclingnearyou.com.au/hazard-dropoff/HurstvilleNSW

    If its too out of the way, you can store waste oil in plastic bottles, like 3L juice bottles until youre passing by the centre sometime.

    And yeah, bad Lilley.