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Changing Idling speed with temp.. cbr250rr...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sweeris, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. I cant say its a problem but it just seem odd to me.

    When my bike is cold it'll b idling at 1000rpm or jus under if very cold. If the bike is warm it'll b idling at 1700rpm but if its getting very warm or getting hot it'll idle at 2000rpm or alittle over. During this time I didnt touch the idling thingy at all so im kinda wondering if its normal or anything I need to do about it?

  2. id say its noraml happens on all my bikes..
    My guess is metal heats up expands giving u more compression (somewhere) resultin in higher RPM
  3. probably your idle speed was set when the bike wasnt fully warmed up, have a check around for the correct idle speed and when it is fully warmed set it to thet (of course the correct idle speed could be 2000rpm, but i doubt it)
  4. Well the idling speed is set twice alreay in the past 2months. Once by the shop i took it for service. Jus after the ride there and once couple days ago while I was sitting still in trafic. Once I set the idleing speed it jus crept back to 2000.

    Is there any chance of the idleing setting changing when I ride it?
  5. Idles do flutuate a bit. Sometime due to weather, also air density and altitude. All because of the varing characteristics of oxygen.

    Set it at a nice idle when warm, Not sure what cbr sit at, but i reckon around 1500 plus minus 150rpm.

    Idle might vary cause ur carbs are not balanced. Might need a tune
  6. the idle speed knob turns a little cam on the carbies (which opens and closes the gap of course) sounds like the plastic cam on yours has worn and keeps slipping to 2000rpm (probably a flat spot at that point)

    an ex netrider had the same problem with her gpx, but it would creep to 3200rpm (way too much) but 2000 is ok - if you can live with it dont worry about it.

    if not see if you can get a non worn adjuster froma a wreckers or importers (prolly have to by the whole carby set up from a wreckers though)
  7. Thanks for all the replies..

    Initialy I was thinking of just different conditions of riding as in air temp/engine temp but as slugile said I might have some worn bits and pieces in my bike so ill jus do some checking out what it is.

    I can live wit it jus idling at 2000 but more than that I might hav 2 do something abt it.
  8. Hey,

    Sweeris, call that guy if you wanted to check, but I was always told with a cbr250rr the normal idle rev will be between 1500 and 2000, and will fluctuate (its hard to describe) but will go something like; low low low low high low low low low high low etc...

    And yes its carbie related, but was told thats how they were from factory. :)