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Changing handle bars?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Siwagod, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Just wondering if anybody has had experience with changing handle bars?

    I love the look of naked bikes, but that are still quite forward and aggressive, like taking a full faired race bike, and just stripping the fairing off it.

    What would be required to change my bars from the more toured position, to the lower, more V shaped bars that the R models have?

    So to get it like this (minus that fairing).

    Current bars are this style
  2. Easier that way then the other way around.
    Clip on's are your answer. But they are going to be very low as they will be mounted under your head plate on the tubes. So you need to find what diameter outers you have if they are USD.

    Or if you want something sensible but not sports bike...clip on low go look in the bike shop in the MX section for bars. Honda CR bars are known for being very flat.... ie low
    But there are thousands out there and just as many bends
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  3. if you still want bars, not clip ons, have a look at Renthal. these are suprisingly cheap. i had to get mine replaced after some trump riding numpty blind sided me and bent my bars. i think they were around 60 retail from memory. mine are the low variety, so i would go with the ultra low or street fighter versions.

    you will need to drill the new bars or clipons, because hyo's use a locator pin on thier control collars (not exactly sure what they are called, the part with all the buttons :))

    edit: be careful about clearances. and room for your arms to move. they may look better (in your opinion) but they are next to useless if you cant steer with them
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  4. Hi Siwagod.

    To me, the big advantage of bikes with "proper" tube handlebars is that you can, fairly easily, change them without spending vast heaps of money.

    Going to clip-ons tends to be more expensive and fiddly, checking clearances and stuff........ it's no use working away, ordering bits, then finding that you crush your thumb on the petrol tank.

    You can, quite cheaply, buy bars with more, or less "rise", and, in the old days, if you really wanted a "nose down, bum up" riding possie, you could even turn the bars upside down..... but watch out for the crushed thumb bit! :)
  5. Welp just went to see old man Cam, and he showed me that the look I'm thinking of/wanting is pretty much a street fighter.

    So looks like I need to go buy a proper race bike, crash it just enough to fcuk the fairings, remove them and get some new headlights and BAM, badass street machine.
  6. Hmm, well I did try to explain to the young bloke that "pukka" street fighters came from crashed sports bikes that their owners couldn't afford to re-skin.

    This, before you could get $500 Chinese panel sets.

    I still consider it rather effete to buy a factory built steet fighter. :)
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  7. Just call a couple of wreckers and get the Hyosung clipons, they'll bolt straight on and also attach to the bottom of the upper triple tree for additional security. Shouldn't cost more than $100 to do the change. Then, if you dont like the look of the upper triple tree with the mounts for the stock bars , buy an upper triple as well, again cheap and it'll fit straight on. It will be ab easy swap for you.

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