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changing gears from 1st to 3rd

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by roccop, May 4, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    mechanically is there any issue with starting out from 1st and changing to 3rd gear?

    i have found i have been jumping straight up to 3rd gear as from when i start on 1st i have enough speed/revs to go into it reliably.

    mechanically is this an issue? or is it ok?

  2. No problem.
  3. Haven't tried... but it shouldn't be no difference to a car. :)
    Hey if it works, it works. :)
  4. Only thing I can think of is that by avoiding second, chances are you are revving it out harder in first, which may increase fuel consumption. And at low speed the bike might chug a bit if you go into third.
  5. True scott, but most bikes are quite happy to rev to 10,000 then change up to third and cruise at 6,000 a bit and accelerate from there, rather then have the 8000rpm step in between.

    Mechanically there is no problem.
  6. I do this in a car all the time, but i don't think its a good riding technic.
  7. As others have said no problems, not sure why you would want to though especially if you are on a 250. Would tend to lug a bit, whatever floats your boat i guess.
  8. i'm slightly curious about how to skip a gear in a sequential box.

    You do realise that little bike engines spin a lot faster than car engines?
  9. you don't skip the gear, you just don't engage the clutch while in that gear.

    ie you're in 1st, pull in the clutch, go to second, then to third and engage the clutch...

    I do it all the time *shrugs*
  10. Yeah, I go 1,2-6th sometimes on the GTR, if I hammer it merging from a standing start into traffic or similar (2nd good for 80-100 km/h on the GTR). As others have said, pull clutch in, and just snick up through the gears with clutch in.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. perhaps some of you neeed to learn clutchless shifting and just work your way through the box.
  12. regardless of whether or not it it can be done without any problems...I don't understand why you would want to?
    I sometimes double change coming down the gears from say 6th-4th as I'm braking...even 4th-2nd, with a double throuttle blip...but doing it going UP through the gears - would seem to be pointless?, and not too high on the "good bike control" scale.
  13. Easy - you take off quickly from the lights, using maximum acceleration to get yourself up to the speed limit. Most bikes will reach the speed limit easily in first gear. If you want to get a 250 moving, you need to use revs. You get up to speed as fast as you can in first gear, then click into third or even fourth to cruise and maintain your speed.

    It's the best way to get away from the cars quickly; why would you want to use second if you've got plenty of revs left to get up to speed quicker in first?

    Furthermore, if a particular individual liked to wheelie his motorcycle - not that I recommend this sort of behaviour - this is another situation where you tend to do all your accelerating in first, up to high revs and up to or beyond the speed limit. There's no use for second once you wish to drop back to cruising speed, you just pop it straight into whatever gear you want to cruise in.

    It's not bad riding technique, it's the absolutely obvious thing to do if you want to use your low gears for fast acceleration. Pick the right gear for the situation. If you're accelerating mildly, you can use second because it keeps the revs down and helps with economy I guess. Me, I like to take off with some welly (and why else do you want a big motor?) so while I do sometimes chug through second getting away at the lights, it's usually only for a very brief squirt until I get into third or fourth. More often than not it's a quick double or triple change up from first, and I can assure our OP there's nothing wrong with that.
  14. Often around town I'll go 1st, 2nd, 4th (5th is to tall to use at all)
    Pulling out into open road traffic it's often 1st, 2nd, 5th and I'm often going slower in 5th than I am in 2nd :grin: Sorry officer :oops:
  15. Maybe it's the difference in bikes?...I use 2nd gear to ease off after a quick getaway - then I just snick up through the gears from there.
    If the speed limit is higher then I will run 1-2-3-coast and then snick up to 4th (the gear I use for 80k zones).Hopping straight to 3rd or 4th, just does'nt suit my style of riding my particular bike, I think Loz.
  16. Different bikes, different gear ratios and tooth counts on the sprockets

    I go 1st to 60km/h and then 2nd to 110km/h, 3rd and 4th are for speeding, and 5th and 6th for cruising...