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Changing Front levers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by McLvn, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Bent my front brake lever. Have no idea on how to change them.

    Unsure if I would need to worry about the brake fluid, tension I understand I'll be able to adjust once I get it on.

    Can someone be able to give a run down?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. should just be unscrew, slide bent lever out, slide new lever in, screw.
  3. YouTube is your friend.

    I'm change my Clutch & Brake leavers to Pazzo Shorties and found a clip on YouTube showing the installation proccess.
    I'm at work and can't access YouTube so i can't post a link, will try after work if you like.
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  5. Thanks, you guys are the best.

    Now do I go Stock or aftermarket ... Hmmm?
  6. Just get a standard one from MCAS or equivalent bike shop. $15-30 depending on the bike.
  7. Going off the bike that you ride I take it that you're still on your restricted license, meaning that there is no point pumping all this cash into making the bike look good when you're probably gonna sell it and get a bigger bike.

    Save your money for your bigger bike and get the stock leavers, because once you start doing mods to your bike you can't stop..... Look at me.
  8. Stock or quality aftermarket - there's no standard on levers which means no guarantee a cheap one won't snap clean off under hard braking (which has happened to at least one NR).

    Of course if it's a Hyosung then I wouldn't trust the OEM lever either.
  9. LOL

    What about lever fitted by sum moto dealers? :p
  10. I actually really LOL'd
  11. Thanks guys, as it turned out could only find a stock $28. Hopefully a bigger bike in the near future, if I can get some degree of control over my riding attitude.

    Cheap as chips, unsrew, slip in and bolt back on. Concern over nothing.
    Will look into Janali course for beginners bike maintenance.