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Changing front disk rotor VTR250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by UMGAWA, Aug 19, 2009.

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  2. As it happens I've got the disc off my bike at the moment, and from a quick measurement it's 295mm diameter and 75mm from the centre of one bolt hole to another, so I imagine that I was a bit off and the disc is actually the same size. However, the bolts on my disc are 8mm, and the ebay ad says that the bolts to suit that disc have a diameter of 6mm.

    edit: So in conclusion, no, you can't use that disc unless you want to drill the bolt holes out and trust that that doesn't affect the structural integrity of the disc (I don't imagine it would).
  3. :shock: Wow thanks for the quick reply mate

    Thanks very much! Are you changing the disk to a new one or just changing the wheel?

    The next question is where to find a wave disk to suit??
  4. I've had to take the wheel off and send it to the re-rollers in the hope that they can save me $650 for a new one after I buckled it on a ride a month or so ago. None of the thirty odd wreckers I called had a spare.

    Why is it that you want a wave disc rather than just a stock replacement?

    edit: As I said above, you could drill out the bolt holes. Very easy to do if you know someone with a pedestal drill.
  5. Stock ones warp too easily. I guess your right.
  6. Is it warped beyond the point it can be repaired by machining it? And do you really plan on owning the bike long enough to warp a brand spanker?