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QLD Changing from dual to single seater

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kezza01, May 22, 2007.

  1. ok qlder's - can anyone say exactly what the process is in terms of changing a dual seat registered bike to a single seater? there appears to be some confusion about whether you only need to remove the pillion pegs or need to also ensure that the seat itself needs to be modded.

    for example, my virago is registered as a single seater. it has no foot pegs for a pillion. it still has the second seat. it was that way when i bought it.

    a friend is trying to register her bike as a single seat. she has a specially cut down seat to suit her height. she doesn't want to cut the seat about more. she has been given two different answers by Qld Transport, and a third response from a certificate issuer.....

    so, any ideas?
  2. Sadly, depends on the certificate issuer

    You're supposed to remove pillion pegs, AND modify or replace the seat so that no pillion can sit on the bike.

    A friend (seller of the bike Zac rides) had to remove all padding from the pillion seat, others have argued that the seat is just too small to fit another @rse on it and got away with that. Some have got away with a cowl over the pillion area of the seat, which is a no-no for single seat rego.

    Depends on the person signing the form.

  3. yeah, that does just seem to be the case - it would appear the answer is to find another form jockey........

    but it would be nice to get the official ruling - if only the relevant dept would be more clear in its instructions....

  4. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the dual versus single seat rego? Do I take it that you pay more for rego in QLD if your bike is able to take pillions??
  5. that's it exactly..... :(
  6. 1/2 price....
  7. WTF !!!
    On my Monster, I just remove the rear sear cowl and it becomes a two seater . . . .

    Has the QT identified this ? or has it got to do with foot pegs ???
  8. hey guys, thanx for the discussion. my friend sent me a txt last night to say the problem is now solved - i guess she found a friendly certificate-signer.... :)
  9. Wow, that is just the dumbest idea I've heard in a long time. In terms of traffic volume and greenhouse emissions having pillions is a good thing and should be encouraged, not penalised.
  10. Nah, it's a good idea...

    it's not the actual rego fee that's cheaper, its the third party or TAC type fee or summat like that.

    The pillion will have to claim against the riders CTP to get anything, if the bike can't carry a pillion, why should the rider pay for that potential risk?

    If you never pillion on a particular bike, then rip the pillion pegs off, change the seat to single only, and save!!

    Imagine the reduction in single occupant land barge tintops if they introduced a reduced cost for operating a single seat car! Congestion and pollution would drop pretty quick!!
  11. For those that may be interested in converting their bike to a single seater, here are the requirements (it's a pdf file) or for those who don't wish to download it, the relevant section is posted below:

  12. thanx billsabiker.....looks like i'll just have to hide the virago now won't i? it clearly has an extra seat and the peg brackets are still there.....but the rego clearly states 'single'.......or maybe i just need to practice harder so i can take the son on the bike - then no more cage needed.....

  13. Pah!

    In NSW, you take off the rear footpegs and It becomes a single seater. Simple. You can convert any bike back to dual-seater if there's provision for a pillion - some room on the seat and footpegs - without any forms or any bollocks like that.

    For a bike that it solo only... I believe it's harder. But if you're changing a dual to a single, no worries, and back again, no problems at all. I know you're not in NSW, but I can't imagine it being much different.
  14. See my last post......the info I posted came from Queensland Transport.
  15. Kezza, no need to worry - you'd never get done just for having a seat that's too long. If you got pulled over, it was registered as a solo, and you had pillion pegs, then you might have something worry about (even more so if you've got a pillion) but otherwise you'll be fine.

  16. thanx phil......

  17. Go to brisbane motorcycles (where I got my GS500 done). leave bike there for 1/2 an hour. Pay them $50. Take certificate to QLD Transport. Get bike changed to single seat rego and pay nearly $300 less per year.


    You need to have a back seat that is not able to be sat on though. Officially there must be no back seat, no footpegs and the foot[eg holes must be blanked off so that they can't just be added back on when you feel like it.

    The padding on the back half of my seat was removed. The footpegs removed with the holes filled with a rivet for difficulty in adding the pegs back in.

    With a virago that pillow seat on the back is easy to remove.