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Changing Exhaust and I damaged the Gasket

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Bungee, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Hi there
    I have a CB900 hornet, and i am installing Staintune's. After removing the stock pipes i tried to remove the graphite gaskets but damaged them, does anyone knoe if these are a standard gasket product or do i need to buy these from Honda?

  2. Do they look standard?

    If they are not formed in any shape then just rock up to an exhaust place and say "here, make"

    If they are formed into some sort of shape then you need to go OEM, I cant imagine them being expensive though. *shrug*
  3. ... and now to explain it in a slightly different way.

    If the gasket is flat with no bumps, ridges, curves, or other fancy bits... then you can probably get your regular exhaust shop to make one up for you.

    If it has a channel or any of the aforementioned abnomolys then it's time to go ask Mr. Honda.
  4. Thanks Guys, it is not a moulded gasket, it is like a tube that fits over the pipe, you then slip the muffler over it and tighten with a clamp, i assume any exhaust tape may fix it... it just needs to seal when tightened.
  5. Allright, here is an update for those that are intersted. If you are fitting Staintune pipes to your CB900F and you are leaving the stock collector pipe you will need to either
    1. Get the original gaskets out of the OEM pipes (very hard) and re-use them
    2. replace them with new OEM gaskets ($22 each) and you will need to order at least 24hrs before surgery OR
    3. use a vucanising exhaust tape.

    I ended up using a tape called '360 degrees', it was easy to use and did the job just as well as the OEM gaskets would, and it was half the price!


    First run i thought it was a little quiter than expected so i removed the baffles and it sounds great... i will see how it goes over the coming week and if the exhaust note is bearable under all conditions!
  6. leave it without the baffles.....
    let that 900 sing its song :grin: :grin:
    and just wear ear plugs