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Changing chain and sprocket

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by geeth, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. I have been told that my chain and sprocket are on the way out because the chain has alot of slack in the middle but really tight on the rear sprocket.

    Does this sound right?

    If this is the case, how do I know what chain is right? I know the sprockets because it has the teeth number engraved into them. Is there any indicater on the chain?

    I am hoping to be able to avoid the mechanic labour costs but I don't have the tools to do the change, and booze is cheaper then buyer or going to the mechaincs. So is anyone south brisbane to gold coast area willing to assist?
  2. No, it's supposed to be looser between the sprockets. It's when that degree of movement changes when the wheel rotates that the chain is rooted (and the sprockets are shot when they start looking like an effective ninja weapon).

    The chain should hopefully have a number stamped on some of the links (eg 520VM) - this tells you what sort of chain you need. Only other thing you need to know is how many links the chain has (which you can always work out by counting).
  3. Hmmm, I don't think I have enough fingers and toes :p

    Thanks jd, reliable as ever
  4. Cykel seem to have everything you need, so any reputable bike shop in Australia can get the bits for you..

    Yamaha XJR400 Japan

    Front Sprocket: JTF 575.16

    Rear Sprocket: JTR 846.45

    Recommended Chain: : 520 / 110

    Front sprocket available in: 13, 14, 15, 16 teeth

    Rear sprocket available in: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43, 45 teeth

    www.cykel.com.au they also have a ratio chart so you can work out if an alternate ratio is more suitable to your riding
  5. Wow, thanks heaps.
    Haven't been able to find anything like the before.
  6. Well I took it to the mechanic who said that he can't adjust it because the chain is already tight on the rear sprocket and adjusting will just bugger the sprocket and wouldn't get rid on much slack.

    So I am up for a new chain. Currently I have a heavy duty chain on it, he has heavy duty did chains for $100. I am not sure if I should go this way or get an o-ring. Or chain and sprockets about $170.
  7. If you pay around $170 for a chain AND sprockets, you can expect to replace them far quicker than if you paid around $170 for the chain, and then also bought your sprockets. In chains, as in many things in life, cheap often also equals nasty.
  8. Dunno much about XJR's, but in general, if you can pick the chain up off the rear sprocket and/or it moves excessively side to side then your chain is worn and/or you've got no rearward movement left on your chain adjustment, then your chain is stuffed.

    Have a close look at the front sprocket, it might be ok, but really worn chains or a couple in a row usually means you need to change sprockets.
  9. I can get a rk o-ring chain and sunstar sprockets for 204 all up from teammoto.

    Any opinions on these brands?
    I don't want to end up with something crap, mainly looking for mid-range since I mainly commute and maybe once a month am able to get out and ride for the sake of it.
  10. I figured that I would replace both can and the sprockets because that way I know the kms done by both, also this way I know how they have been looked after.
  11. PS recently had did X rings for $70 on special. Might be worth a check.
  12. $204 for an R-K and sprockets is good. Is there a Spanner Night coming up on changing chain and sprockets, perhaps :)???
  13. I have a feeling there will be.

    It was something that I was looking at doing after I purchase them.
  14. Im abit worried now reading this...

    I went to MCAS Auburn as its just around the corner to me.. to ask for some chain+sprockets for my '04 VTR250 so i can do some first timer DIY. He gave me this list:

    Regina 520 ORN $129.95

    JT sprockets -
    front 31-KVO-14 ~30
    rear 32-428-41 ~40

    now is there a better option to this? I dont mind putting in extra bucks for something thats going to last longer..

    Plus anyone can recommend other part shops in Sydney to buy stuff from?

  15. Metropolitan Spares @ Silverwater.

    About 5 mins down the road from MCAS Auburn.

    Give them a ring over the phone and they'll be able to quote you sprocket & chain set.
  16. edits: oops triple post! please delete.
  17. edits: oops triple post! please delete.
  18. Get one of these:

    I bought one from this guy for my RS250, great chain. Worth an easy double that in the shops. I received it next day too.
  19. Hmmm... half price premium brand stuff on eBay? Guaranteed to be genuine and reliable! Hehe - no this guy looks OK, but note the model designations in the title - all dirt bikes. He has others for road bikes, bit pricier

    Think yourselves lucky - I just bought a chain for my GSXR with a 520 kit on it - RK 520 GXW ring 120. RRP $280.00. That's just the chain! I paid less because the guy on the phone misquoted me and they honoured the quote. Big props to V1s1on in FTG!