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Changing brake fluid???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by wedge, May 7, 2007.

  1. (Before you start waving the search flag at me, i've been on there for an hour trying to find something relevant....but cant :( .)

    I'm keen to learn how to do all the general maitenance myself and the thing that is bugging me at the moment ischanging the brake fluid.
    So what i really would like to know is how to change your brake fluid from start to finish for my Suzuki GS500F. Any do's and dont's that could be associated with it.

    Thanks :grin:

  2. Try a search using 'bleed brakes'.
  3. get a manual

    take off resovoir cover

    attach clear tube to bleed screw and put into bowl

    loosen bleed screw and wait for gravity to take hold

    help with squeezing until completely empty

    Tighten bleed screw

    put in new brake fluid to top mark

    repalce resevoir cap

    pump lever and hold

    at the same time release bleed screw until pressure goes and re tighten without letting go of pressure.

    Whilst doing above, watch the bubbles go thru the clear tube

    repeat over and over again until no more bubbles flow and tighten up. Make sure you keep an eye on the fluid level and top up as you go.

    top up to top level and test brakes gently and go for a "safe" ride.

    If spongy or loose pressure, you have more air to get out or a leak in the system.

    repeat air bleed sequence if needed and MAKE SURE there is no air.

    Jeff (ameteur mechanic :LOL: )
  4. Brake fluid, many trick to doing it properly.

    Changing fluid without full draining the old stuff.

    Tool needed: Brake fluid, some clear tubing, spanner (8 or 10mm dependent on bike), jar, time.

    1. put spanner on bleed bolt, start with further from Master cylinder(nornmally left disc). Then put clean tubing on bleed bolt other end in jar.
    2. Remove resiviour cap
    3. Squeeze on lever, maybe 5 times so there is resistance.
    4. Hold lever, open bleed bolt and fluid will come out, once lever reaches bar close the bleed bolt
    5. Top up the resivour when mininal amount of old fluid, make sure that the fluid lever is always above the little hole that suck the fluid through.
    6. Repeat step 3-5 till till u can see the new fluid come out
    7. Do other caliper
    8. Make sure bleed bolt are tight, fluid level is inbetween the min/max range. Resivour cap is on tight.

    Make sure that u dont spill fluid, it burns through paint and can burn ur skin. Clean immediatly with water.
    If the lever lacks resistance, then u have air in system, used wrong fluid, leaks,have nackered MC or caliper seals.

    Changing fluid with no fluid in line, is a right pain. Dificult and annoying.
    The way i do it, is by connecting a seringe to the end that normally goes in jar, and suck the fluid through while pumping the brake lever. Takes ages.

    Remember air in system is very BAD, Reduces brake power, puts stress on seals. Worst case u could fail completly.

    Sorry about the bad spelling. Good luck with it. u only learn by doing it urself.

  5. Nice guys, thats exactly what i needed, thanks alot :grin:
    I'll let you know how i go :wink:
  6. If you need help, drop by my place one evening or weekend.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Sounds good Andrew, when i'm ready to give it a go i'll let you know
  8. Cool. When you're ready, you'll just need brake fluid, I have everything else.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. there's a nice guide here complete with pictures for the GS500 (not an F model, but that doesn't matter in this case...)
  10. Im in the middle of rebuilding the brakes on the Diversion, just finished the master cylinder, have totally disassembled the front calipers and about to reassemble them and put them back on, was just about going to invite you round but :facepalm: just saw were you live dude. PM us if you have any issues and need help.
  11. You may as well change the indicator fluid at the same time, as brake fluid is interchangeable with indicator fluid, or so I've been told.
  12. Cheers guys, will use the info and hands on experience offered.
  13. yeah right.... :p
  14. Whaaaatttt?????
  15. What? You should change the indicator fluid about as regularly as you change the headlight oil... :grin: :LOL:
  16. and the flux capacitor