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Changing brake fluid

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by geeth, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. About 2 weeks ago I thought that I would try and change my brake fluid because the braking performance of my bike was (at least to me) less then satisfactory and the performance changed.
    Sometimes I would be pulling up to lights and the bike wasn't slowing down as much as I needed so I had to release to brake and pull again.

    I didn't read up much on it, just open nipple, reservoir and bleed top up. I did this and got no back brake and through a process of trial and error I got rear braking again with less performance then what I started with.
    There wear little bubbles in the bleed hose that would just keep on coming through, I was thinking that I might be in need of new hoses.
    Also I had trouble getting the bleed hoses on the nipple and had a few drips to clean.
    I didn't do the front at the time because I wasn't happy with the first attempt and wasn't to sure if I needed 2 bleed kits as I had dual brakes.

    I think I took about 30 min to do this and would have given any person that knew what they were doing watching a good laugh.

    Today I decided to read up on bleeding and the order and a few tips etc.
    Did the front brakes in maybe 5 min.
    Back about 5 again.

    I have taken the bike for a ride with e-braking and they are working much better and the front brakes are nice and consistent.

    A few tips that I picked up:

    Never let the master cylinder go empty when bleed as you just let more air in
    have the bike close to vertical esp with the front
    have a rag
    Aluminum foil is pretty good for catching drop as material rags seep through.
    Beer is needed
    Don't need 2 kits for the dual front brakes. (I did a bleed on both separately just in case I don't know if that's needed or not)
    Finally don't let your fluid get like this


    Oh and finally, since bleeding isn't needed often and fluid goes bad not long after opening. I have half a 500 ml bottle of ferodo dot4 is someone wants it.
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  3. careful not to undo the bleed screw too much otherwise you can let air past the threads and then you think youre pumping air out of the system when there really isnt any in there.
  4. <sigh> Drum brakes were so much easier :LOL:
  5. hey paul. good to see you yesterday mate. will have to get a ride down there again where you can come along..(ill bring the traffic eh)
    drum brakes... got a mate with an old honda xr (i think) 250. about 15 years old and have never had the rear brakes done after quite a hard life out in the bush (busted frame and so on).they do last.. then again the pads on the er6 still have about 60% left.. thats traffic for you. all it does is increase the k's