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Changing Bikes Regularly?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ametha elf, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. We are thinking of adding third bike to our stable, in case one of our bikes is off the road for any reason and just for the fun of having another bike to ride. Hubby rides a tourer and I have a cruiser (Virago 1100cc). We want to get a sports bike for something different but I've never ridden one. Is it an easy adjustment to make if I alternate between the two bikes regularly? Don't know what bike we will be getting, needs a low seat height because Im 5 foot 1, and will need a bit of get up and go, were thinking of a Ducati Monster or something similiar.

  2. Adapting isn't hard, you just need to be a bit more alert for the first 15 minutes.

    Getting a true sports bike with a low seat height is almost an impossibility. I suspect however, from your post that you are using a cruiser riders definition of sports bike, which for some reason seems to encompass anything that isn't a cruiser of trail bike.

    In that case you should be able to find a bike with a low enough seat height, though hubby may need to compromise as larger capacity bikes tend to have higher seat heights.
  3. Probably want to go for the sports-tourer end of things; a pure sportsbike is that much more different and that much more uncomfortable.
  4. I dont care about the lack of comfort, I just want to have some fun on something different!
  5. A Ducati Monster is not a sports bike. It is a Naked Bike and can also be called a Urban Sports like my Triumph Street Triple R. Just thought i would clarify it for you.
  6. I found the biggest thing for me to get used to was the position of the pegs.
    The cruiser pegs being well forward and sports bikes being normally up under your butt. Having said that though it only takes a few moments to get used to the position. Then it's just a case of remembering what your on when you hit that first roundabout...
  7. Given your height (or lack of) a Ducati monster would be a good choice. But if you're after a bit of get up and go then don't get the 600/620/696.

    Just as a quick aside, a bloke in the club used to have a VTR250, we sat it beside my wifes 750 monster, and to our amazment the VTR250 was slightly taller.

    My advice, like always, is ride all the bikes you think you'd like, and buy the one that gives you the biggest grin.
  8. GSXR1000 - Low seat for a sports bike, and lots of giddy up.

  9. Yep..
  10. I swap between a ZX6 and an XJR1300. Like ibast said it takes about 15 minutes to adjust. I mainly ride the ZX6 - pure fun.
  11. Yes it is... it's just not a super sports bike.

    Just accurately clarifying things for you :angel:
  12. Um not according to the ducati.com.au website....

  13. What I mean is that a sports tourer should be able to give you that (both of you), without requiring you to become a contortionist.

    Naked sports bike?
  14. Ducati Monster is different enough from what OP has, sporty without being too uncomfortable. Plus it has a low seat height. Whether it is a truly 'sports bike' is a bit irrelevant, isn't it?
    Good choice.
  15. go and tell cejay that his bike isn't a sportsbike. Sportsbikes do not have to have fairings, in fact fairings are only a relatively modern thing.
  16. Just because it's a naked bike doesn't mean it can't also be sporty.

    The Manx Norton won world championships races for decades without a fairing to be seen.

    An SS (or super sports) bike however does have a fairing.
  17. Hmm. Urban Sports is a category that is probably exclusively used only by Triumph. Your definition of sports bike seems to mean a Street Triple can't be put in the same category as a Daytona 675, purely because it is naked... but something like a Ninja 250 can?
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    I have a street triple and what I was getting at is if you tell someone you have a sports bike they automatically assume it looks like a race bike and even ducati considers it a naked. To me a sports bike has pegs and a very leant forward riding position and a naked or tourer has a more upright position and pegs generally directly below your position. Most magazine consider the ducati monster a naked also. Bit each their own. For what its worth you should try riding a few different bikes. Personally I would go and test a triumph street triple or speed triple, a kawasaki z750 and there are many more just the ones that come to mind.

    Good luck and hope to hear which bike hiya ebnd up with.
  19. Yeah, those are good points. I didn't consider riding position, it is definitely part of it.
    I have always thought of bikes like the Street Triple as nakeds that fall at the sportier end of the category. And on-topic: If you want something with a reasonably low seat height and decent power, the Street Triple isn't a bad choice.
  20. Thanks for all your help, although I'm totally confused now over naked vs Sports, (just when I thought I had it all figured out). Its going to be a couple of months before we get the 3rd bike but are going to have a lot of fun having a look around and trying a few out. Will let you all know when we do get it.