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Featured Changing bikes (cb400 to cbr250rr)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Arnas, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Hello..
    Unfortunately I have to sell my beloved 2012 cb400 (abs) due to financial issues. However I'm not done my riding career and was looking at picking up something cheaper and came across Honda cbr250rr (mc22). The only thing that worries me is most of them are pretty old (last model was made in 1996). I understand bike that old will come with high mileage, but I'd try my best to find something with decent engine not something thats gonna drain my money. If anyone has had one or knows any useful information about them it would be deeply appreciated.

  2. I have never ridden one but don't understand how people ask so much $ for these bikes? They are over 20 years old. Are they really worth the same $ u can get a 5 year old ninja 250 for ?
  3. good bikes with strong motors and frames. mine stayed straight through at least 3 crashes and probably a lot more than that. look out for leaky fuel taps as a genuine new one is $180, a complete plastics kit is around $600 so pretty cheap, the only other thing that commonly goes wrong is the starter motor and those are pretty cheap. clutch kits are getting difficult to find but are still around if you have a slipping clutch, no power mods to be done as they are good from the factory. if you can afford it look at getting a lighting kit (https://ecliptech.com.au/headlight-upgrades/dual-light-driver/)

    if you get one that needs new tires try getting pilot street radials, as I found them to be the best compromise between wet/dry grip and get great km's out of them.

    I'd focus on getting the best condition rather than chasing the higher powered pre 1994 models.

    I was getting around 180km to a tank before reserve in the city, and 200+km out in the country. my brother got 350km once but babied it everywhere. as a bonus they run better on 91 so fuel is cheaper too!
    electronic speed limiter kicks in at 185km/h but is pretty easy to remove if you wanted to.
  4. I have only ever heard good things about the badyblade... That said people seem to have more fun and games with jap imports than aus delivered models.
  5. And the Old F1 sound in tunnels.
  6. are you comparing 4cyl goodness with 2 stroke lawn mower ?
  7. How exactly do I spot dodgy starter motor apart from obvious issues with starting up? I'll probably go have a chat with my local mechanic and see what he recommends as most likely he would be the one helping me fix the bike afterwards lol
  8. Sounds better, goes harder than the ninja 250/300.
  9. make sure that a current RWC is included.

    I have spent the past year restoring one and recently got it on the road. they are fantastic bikes that were built very well - most issues are a simple matter of cleaning/servicing something.

    things to consider when looking at one:

    Look at the forks, are they straight?
    Damage to the engine cases? could indicate that it's been dropped
    do all electronics work as they should?
    are the clip-ons straight?
    does the throttle return when you let go?
    does it start up easily? (make sure that they are starting it from cold, not already warmed up before you arrive)
    does it die when throttle is applied?
    does it rev all the way?

    there are plenty more things to look for but those are a good place to start. it will also give you some negotiating power.

    Also, the reg/rec's are notorious for failing, so when you buy one make sure you inspect it and replace if necessary
  10. Thanks! Just few questions
    Whats RWC
    Whats Reg/rec's
  11. road worthy certificate
  12. how many km do the high revving littl' motors usually last before rebuild time?
  13. I haven't seen anyone rebuild one recently, and most of them will have gone around the clock at least once by now.
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  14. Only ones that I know that gotten rebuilt are race bikes, others for street are still going strong stock, or in bits, aka crashed.

    Just maintenance, like anything and it will last.
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  15. ArnasArnas how's the bike hunt coming along? Did you end up getting the 250?

  16. if you havn't found one, I'm selling my MC22. Includes RWC, rego and a heap of work done to it. PM if you are interested.
  17. Still looking and considering if it's worth it to sell cb400 and get different bike :)
  18. Only when you get off your P's :)
  19. Yeah that's whats most likely gonna happen lol