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Changing 'Bars on SV650S?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by sly_062, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Can higher bars be fitted to an SV650S? I've had one dealer tell me "not possible" and try to sell me a Hyosung instead (not interested). Another dealer looked at me blankly when I asked, but at least went to the trouble of looking the parts up on the computer.

    After about 15 minutes he suggested my only option would be to transplant a triple clamp from a naked SV650 to accommodate different bars. But then, he said, I might have clearance issues and also may need to fit longer brake, clutch and throttle cables and so on.

    I'm looking at bigger LAMS bikes with a view to keeping 2-3 years before stepping up. I'm looking mainly at SV650SU and CB400. At 175cm and 110kg I'm built for comfort rather than speed. I find the clipons on the SU too low for comfort on my daily commute, an hour or more each way on highway & country roads in the Hunter Valley. The more upright riding position of the CB400 suits me better, but I prefer a V-twin's torque and would probably be happier with the 650 as a keeper as long as it's comfortable as a daily ride.

    Now if they made a LAMS DL650 it'd be a no-brainer for me...
  2. Yes, you can get heli bars for them no worrie.
  3. Thanks for that. I picked up a "Motorcycle Trader" today, browsing through it I saw an ad for Helibars. Frank's Racing (in WA IIRC) also had an ad for 4-way adjustable clipons.

    Odd that staff at 2 bike shops didn't know about these, this could have cost them both a sale. Now I just have to work out which shop is the better of an apparently bad bunch, to go and throw $10k+ at :p
  4. an sv650 + new bars seems a lot to be spending on a learner bike.
    if i were you id go and grab a GS500F or something. my mate has one and theyre great.

    they still look pretty cool, very comfy seating position, V-twin, plenty of grunt to get around on. the F version with the fairing also seems to have higher bars like the naked.

    hope it helps
  5. I've seen higher bars on an SV650S owned by an employee of Sydney city Motorcyles at the then Casula store. They are now at Campbelltown, so maybe she (if she is still around) can give you an idea of what brand hers were.
  6. Some people might think that $10k on a learner bike is a lot but it all depends. Let's say you got a GS500 for $8500 and rode it for 15 months, the best you could get for it at the end would be $6000. But if you had got a SV650 for $10000 at the end of 15 months you can derestrict for $1300, and you now have a new bike.

    So if you like the SV650 as a bike then I think it makes perfect sense as a learner bike, I wish it was around when I got my first bike I would still have it.