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Changing bars on Hyosung 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Seany, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. I have a friend finding low speed maneuvering difficult on her Hyosung GT250R. Her small size means she has to pretty much lie on the tank to reach the bars and turn them which interferes with her balance.

    I notice the naked GT250 has raised bars and was wondering if it would be possible to change over the bars and give her a more upright position. Does anyone know?

    Ta. :)

  2. Should be possible. The way to check would be to see where the riser bars are fitted on the forks and compare it to the GT250R's clip-ons. It is possible they use a different triple clamp to allow for the different mount point which would be annoying as it would means sourcing the GT250 triple clamp and bars.
    Other thing to consider is the full lock clearance of the riser-bars and the fairings. Fitting heli-bars or similar to some sports bikes results in the bars hitting the fairings unless you modify the angle of the bars etc.

    Give a Hyo dealer a call and they should be able to tell you what parts differ and are required for the swapover.
  3. I thought might be the case. Still, it's doable for a price I guess. Cost of parts might make the final decision there.
    Yeah they'll hit the screen unless they also come back a bit. Might take a bit of playing around.

    She's going to try gettin the seat sculpted first so that may solve the problem anyway. With a better footing she'll be more stable moving the thing around. We'll see how it goes. :)
  4. Hey Seany, if they can be swapped I might be interested. I have a GT250 and I think I like the idea of clip ons with a small eagle screen, hmmmm ley me know what happens I might do some research on koriders.com

  5. Why did she buy such a big bike if she can hardly ride it?
  6. She can ride ride it. Had no trouble keeping up with me on the spur yesterday. :)

    The bike has been lowered, and it was assumed that would be enough. There's no way of knowing these things till you try them. Besides, there's not much in the way of faired sports 250's available new these days. :wink: It's no big deal, there's options still untried so it should come good. Having had a good look at het sitting on the bike today, I think scalpting the sides of the seat might be the best option anyway (and cheaper than stuffing around with the bars). :)
  7. Check out www.korider.com ER7register? has put Helli bars on his GT650R which has the same fairing as the 250. The brake lines clutch and throttle cables would all need to be replaced with ones from a naked GT250. The top triple clamped can be driled and taped to suit the stock naked bar mounts. Talk to Ray at Staffords in Heidelberg about it.