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Announcement Changes to Premium Membership

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. After some consideration and surveying of existing premium members (with over 80% support), Netrider has now changed it's Premium Membership to being annual. This change already occurred in the first week of February. (y)

    Netrider started in 1995 and has had Premium Members since May 2003. Over these last 12 years the membership list has grown considerably. But also over this time, people lose contact with, or stop engaging with, Netrider for various reasons and a proportion of the premium membership is dormant or un-contactable. Thus, by changing premium membership to being annual, the premium membership list will stay current and highly relevant. Services and benefits offered to premium memberships can be more focused and attractive.

    Has the price changed?
    Premium membership has been a $10 once-off charge since it started in 2003. Now, it is $10 if you subscribe with recurring annual payment or $12 if you purchase a 'stand-alone' 12 month membership. Payment method is still PayPal (credit/debit cards or PayPal balance). You will need a PayPal account for the recurring option.

    What is the impact for existing Premium Members?
    All existing premium memberships will now expire between 01/Mar/2016 and 28/Feb/2017. Your exact expiry date being set from the day and month in which you started your premium membership. Due to server software changes over the years, for those that commenced Premium Membership prior to Nov 2012 your exact start date for premium membership is unknown. Thus, your expiry date has been set from the day and month you first registered with Netrider. All existing premium members will have at least 12 months, the vast majority already enjoying much longer. For example;
    • Commenced premium membership on 17/Sept/2013, your expiry is 16/Sept/2016
    • Commenced premium membership on 26/Mar/2015, your expiry is 25/Mar/2016
    • Commenced premium membership prior to Nov 2012 and registered with Netrider on 07/Jul/2006, your expiry is 06/Jul/2016
    [​IMG] Since the 1st of February, all Premium Members are now enjoying an ad-free experience when using the site. No general advertising is shown to premium members! [​IMG]

    How do I know when my premium membership expiry date is?
    Visit your Account Upgrades page to see when your current Premium Membership upgrade expires.

    Will I be notified when my membership is about to expire?
    Yes. For stand-alone 12 month membership, 7 days prior to expiry you will receive both an alert and an email (to your account email address) letting you know that your premium membership is about to expire, and directing you to the Account Upgrades page to renew.

    Can you renew for more than 1 year?

    Not currently, but if there is strong request for this then I could add a 2 or 3 year option. If you choose the subscription/recurring option, then annual renewal will occur each year automatically through your PayPal account. If anyone wants to donate $100 or more, I'll happily bestow lifetime membership - contact us after making your donation to advise/request it. :happy:

    Can I gift Premium Membership to another member?
    Yes! Just visit the Account Upgrades page, and choose the Gift option/button. You'll be required to enter the recipients username, and also have an optional tickbox to select if you would like to gift it anonymously. The recipient will receive an alert when a membership has been gifted. At this time, only the stand-alone premium membership option can be gifted.

    What else is there to know?
    • I will shortly update the Premium Membership help page will a matrix of additional site benefits provided to premium members.
    • Pre-empting the "you're doing this only to make money" remarks, this is not the case. As per the why paragraph above, its primarily to create and maintain an accurate and relevant premium members list. Netrider's expenses are annual (hosting, storage, legal, upgrades and support, backups) so it does also align the membership in this regard which I'll be transparent and say that this will make budget planning a little easier.
    • If anyone feels that $10 per annum (around the price of 2 cups of coffee) is too much, then there is absolutely no obligation to renew your premium membership. As has always been, and always will be the case, standard members still get a strong level of engagement with the site.
    • I will add more points to this list, if any general questions arise in replies to this thread.

    I trust that the majority will see this as a positive move for Netrider and that considerable thought and consultation with existing premium members has been given.
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  2. What happens if you don't drink coffee?

    Seems OK by me as long as I don't have to remember when it is due. And I guess if I forget to pay the sudden appearance of ads will remind me.
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  3. upload_2016-2-14_8-28-11.

    So if I found this on my account is the date incorrect?
  4. You were quick ... just finished adding that bit about half hour ago :)
    That's correct, based on the date you joined Netrider.
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  5. 2 cups of tea?
  6. Ok cool - thanks mate.

    Interesting note though - I first discovered that a couple of days ago?
  7. Oh, it was working then? Must have been working for most, and I've been chasing down a limited unusual case where it wasn't working. Importantly, working for everyone now :)
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  8. A good response to the survey, Jason. It looks like you've covered all the bases.
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  9. Do we get a badge or card or secret handshake? Do we get to plan to take over the world?

    Me thinks $10 is a bargain for what I get out if this forum.
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  10. As I said in the other thread, I expect that the level of free access will start to reduce to make paying more appealing. It is a slippery slope that I have seen happen on other forums that go down this path.

    Nevertheless, premium members should be issued with membership cards each year with a printed expiry so it can be used to confirm our membership when obtaining discounts and benefits.
  11. I'm not sure about the importance of keeping the premium membership list relevant but I have no problem supporting NRs costs with a small annual sub .. or in reducing the work of keeping NR up by simplifying the budgeting.

    The account upgrade page is ultra simple and I like the shop, though a mouse pad .. who uses mouse pads .. really :ROFLMAO: .

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  12. +1

    Don't really believe this has anything to do with propensity etc......
    For me, 10 bones a year is nothing.
    Hell - even if I fark off and never come back the netrider thingo can still have my money each year.
    It delivers a service, not just a 'forum'
    There is something in that.
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  13. Ok, so my expiry date is in May. If I subscribe now, will I be charged now, or in May when it's due?
  14. Now - I subscribed and was charged immediately.
  15. Though I'm not a fan of having the terms of ones membership changed to reflect an increase in cost, I really do think that $10 a year is no big deal for premium membership, so long as the price doesn't creep up each year......

    I think it is worth it, after all, Netrider has hooked me up with a friendly group of riders and it is a valuable resource of information for riders of all levels.

    ...my two cents worth....

  16. Very well balanced and fair :)
  17. Interesting that older members are being moved to the renewal scheme too - I remember when I signed up and purchased membership it was advertised as lifetime membership..
    Oh well, I won't be renewing so it doesn't matter...
  18. I don't believe there was ever any advertising or literature promoting Netrider membership being as being lifetime. Only that it was, at that time, a once off charge with no renewal. Perhaps semantics, but it's important to be accurate. The world, technology, strategy, and objectives change over 12+ years and I believe the reasons provided for changing this are very reasonable.

    No problem. If you see no value, then I don't anticipate you renewing. Your statement only validates my reasoning and objective of not wanting the Premium Membership list containing those that don't wish to be in it, and allowing me to focus additional services and benefits to those that do.

    Your access, engagement, and interactivity with Netrider can/will remain identical to what Members have now
  19. ^ I don't believe that will last. I foresee you reducing access to standard Members to encourage upgrades to premium. This is the usual progression when forums go down this path.
  20. Yeah, you've said that already.
    Doesn't make it true the second time either.