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VIC Changes to official warnings for speeding

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. FYI, whilst not strictly Motorcycle related, it effects riders... but the warning process for speeding is being tightened.

    Don't puke at the obvious PR spin linking low level speeding to the biggest killer on our roads.

    = = =

    Changes to official warnings for speeding
    • Saturday, 05 September 2015 09:11

    Motorists will soon no longer be able to apply for an official warning based on a good driving record if they are caught speeding at more than 10km/h over the limit.

    The changes to the official warning notice criteria will come into effect on Monday 21 September.

    Road Policing Command Superintendent Kevin Sheridan said the change sends a strong safety message.

    “I think the community will agree that a motorist caught speeding at 54 km/h in a school zone shouldn’t be eligible for a warning,” he said.

    “Speeding remains one of the biggest killers on our roads and this is a reminder for drivers that they are responsible for making sure they are aware of their surroundings, including speed limits, at all times.”

    Motorists will still be able to apply for an official warning under provisions for special or exceptional circumstances.

    A good driving record will remain a basis for appeal for motorists detected speeding by less than 10km/h over the limit.

    Ben Radisich
    Victoria Police Media Unit
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  2. I read an article on that, was surprised they gave out 29,000 warnings in the last year for people doing 10-14k's over.. seems like heaps? (of people with clean records applying for a warning, and getting it)

    wonder how many warnings were given for 10 and under?
  3. OK, I really want to punch this guy. Not only does he make presumptions on my behalf, he attemps to this specific emotive to justify another step in our steady and unrelenting march toward being a Police State.

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  4. isnt this what the whole road towards zero (kph) is all about?
  5. you can still apply for leniency if you get busted 0-9k's over and there is no penalty at all for travelling at (or 3km above) the speed limit :D
  6. I hate seeing people speed in general let alone in school zones.
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    they didn't commit to keep the 0-10 indefinitely either.

    doesn't stop them trying though, does it?
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  8. well, it is Victoria...
  9. What's school zone speed in Vic? 25kph like SA? If you are caught doing 54kph in a school zone you shouldn't get leniency. And he has made an assumption on your behalf ibastibast but if you honestly consider him wrong perhaps you're dumber than a lot of people or just wanting to argue the point for argument sake
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  10. he's talking about 10+ so it's reasonable to assume the school limit in Vic is like NSW i.e. 40km/hr. So it is you that's being dumb. There are lots of schoool zones in NSW they should be 80 because there are adequate engineering measures in place, or the school is down some side road, or the entrance is a drive in a long way from the main road, etc.

    Once agian they've introduced a law that takes away discretion. = Police state.

    And if you think otherwise, then you are truelly dumb.
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  11. 80kmh school zone? Uhm. . .
    Well actually they are if you're on a highway. It's 40 in vic. Just go down Point Cook Rd and you'll see the amount of idiots and the odd occasional rider that flies down that road whether school is on or not
  12. Well they probably shouldn't get a warning doing 54 in a school zone. Most here would agree to that. But no warning doing124 down the hill on an empty highway though?

    If they want to use the example of a school zone make it apply only to school zones. Simple.
  13. No warning for 10-14 km over....well lucky they have a more stringent pursuit policy:hungry::sneaky::whistle:

    Seriously though what a flog, Using the school zones for justification, was not too long ago you could drive legally at 60 through the school zones and now your a monster for doing 50 :poop::poop::poop:
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    ibastibast now you're just being a flog. I asked what the speed is through the school zones there. I don't make assumptions. Anyone doing 54 in a 40 knows full well they are speeding. If you agree with leniency in that case you and the speeder are straight up flogs. It's not moving toward a police state. We've never had official warnings in SA. Just admit you want to be able to speed without being fined for it and move on. Any other tripe you say is trying to justify an unjustifiable position as if you didn't speed you wouldn't even need to apply for an 'official warning'. Don't do it if you're not prepared to accept the consequences. Also don't come back with not being aware of speed changes on the road as that just demonstrates poor environmental awareness

    Notice the word you said before 60.....legally. think about that for a minute
  15. Once again of said speed limit is 110 why should 124 be okay? I see that as your failure to control your vehicle. 4kph yeah. 14kph.....you know you're speeding. I don't have an issue wth speeding just those who seek to justify it to get out of the conequences.
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  16. Blah, blah laws, but what about enforcement? A rule is only as good as the stick enforcing it.
  17. Well that's a problem for the Victorian people to demand a better class of 'stick' isn't it?
  18. You don't need to speed to have fun riding past schools, drifting at 40kph is loads of fun and gets all the kids (and even the teachers) cheering!! ;)
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  19. ..or even number of sticks? Most days going to work and back I'd be lucky to see two "unmarked" vehicles, and way less marked. Isn't visible police presence three quarters of enforcement? Also, I put unmarked in quotation marks, because any idiot could pick them out anyway.
  20. Hahaha. Mate there's obviously a few people less intelligent than the average idiot on netrider if the thread about the unmarked ute is anything to go by