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QLD Changes to Licencing

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by DenholmReynholm, May 19, 2013.

  1. This is the ministerial announcement:


    Sounds like there will be an actual test to see if you can ride a motorbike - as opposed to 5 multi guess questions. Wonder if that means you'll still need a supervisor? Hope not.

    Nothing specific yet - "The reforms will investigate improvements to the motorcycle test for new riders, including compulsory pre-learner off-road training and assessment" so recommendations are yet to be made. Could be much more to come given earlier parliamentary investigation.
  2. Just heard the minister on the line and that sounded like changes to the Qride competency checks. "An emphasis on ability to do high speed braking" was noted. But also "before they Teton the road". So a bit of both?
  3. Still wish he would bring in decent historic rego for bikes/cars.
  4. Cheers bob, was looking for that statement.

    Don't want to jump in too early but most of the changes make sense to me. Its a refreshing change from "SPEED SPEED SPEED"
  5. Lol - line = radio

    Teton = let on

    Stooped autocorrect