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VIC Changes to Learners Permit/Licence testing in March 2016

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Brett, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Does anyone know anything about the new laws supposed to be coming in?

    (I hope this is the right section to put this in - it is only my 2nd post.)
  2. thanks NSSherlock - The person I spoke to at the licencing school said they had no idea as to what the changes were going to be but that link showed more than what she seemed to know..
    I was planning on getting my L's before it kicked in as I heard that it may be a 2 day course before you get your L's which might get expensive. Probably a good idea for more intensive training for the raw beginner but I think i will avoid it.
  3. One of the Victorian motorcycle training centres advises:

    " To avoid the new testing system you would need to complete the Learners Permit testing before November 30th 2015, this is to satisfy the minimum 3 month period of holding a Learners Permit before being tested for a Licence. You will need to be tested for your licence by 29th February 2016"
  4. Yes I heard something similar but I am not interested in rushing to get my licence within 3 months - rather go slow and steady and I don't have a bike yet anyway - and if there was extra training needed before I get the full licence it is probably not a bad thing - just want to avoid doing it for the L's for now.
  5. I did my L's at DECA in Altona 4 weeks ago. They suggested that the new test system will come into effect by March and to make sure you book your 'MOST' (not sure if that's what you call it) Test in February early as they will fill up bookings pretty quick. They suggested the changes are going to be intense with a lot more hours and cost so make sure you book. He encouraged anyone who is eligible to do it before March to book it in now! I'm going to book mine next month for Feb and just make sure I practice practice practice for it from now until then.
  6. I did a 2 day learners course back in 2003.
    I came from a motor cross background ... You can never learn enough!
    That extra bit / day of training might just save your life!!
  7. There are no changes to the P's test as far as I'm aware at this stage. All the changes are directed at the pre L's, L's and the L's riding period.

    Changes impacting the P's period have already been pushed through - from 12months to 3 years. I'm not a fan of these changes.
  8. As someone who rides daily and not every sunny weekend, i think 2 years is a sufficient period of time, however i too am stuck with 3.
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    From HART Website.

    Stage 2 will be introduced in early 2016 and will include:

    • A new pre-learner training curriculum which will be required to be undertaken by all learner applicants.
    • A new on-road learner test
    • An assessment of capabilities as learners gain experience
    • A new on-road licence test.
    Edit: Also on HART Site, they have 13 License Test Days in Jan, and 0 set aside for Feb. right now. (Somerton)
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  10. Also the cost of on-road learner's and licence tests will go up considerably, as provider's insurance, RWC and registering of their motorcycle fleet will go up. That's what Stay Upright senior instructor involved in developing the new program commented on back in September when I did my licence test.
  11. On the flip side though, the revised training will produce a much better rider, with a better understanding of the motorbike, roadcraft and how it all ties together. This should bode well for the KSI stats in future years.
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  12. I knew nothing about bikes before I went for my learner's. I found the two days learner's course and test very basic and inadequate really. We were given a permit to ride a motorbike on public roads and learn at our own risk and interact with other road users. After just 3 months we were eligible to take a licence test. We didn't have to produce evidence of riding/minimal hours or mileage. The licence test was very simple too, checking just four very essential, but basic skills.
    Road craft was mentioned few times and addressed in a video.

    I have to say I was pushing hard to to get ready with my licence test to be able to do it "easy" way. Now I have a licence and still have so much to learn! I understand that learning never stops, and I will get more experience as I ride. But I believe that new approach might create a better rider than the old system. Easy for me to say, I've past the test the "easy" way!
  13. Back in the dark ages the "L's" was just a theory , eye and colour test, and for your "P's" as long as you came back without gravel rash you passed, I believe in the West and Qld you have to be supervised by a licensed rider
  14. As of second of March i will be eligible to apply for P2 so i tried to book an assessment to get my licence and called at least 10 training provider, but just could not find any available place. They are all booked out ...

    I already passed the hazard perception test the other day so i'm ready for it but somehow just could not find the place to book... If anyone have the clout to arrange a place before 19th of March (not earlier than 2nd of March) in a motorcycle training center, i would be highly appreciated :D
  15. I reckon the Saturday morning learners practice will start to get mighty busy.