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Changes to 2012 Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spenaroo, May 2, 2012.

  1. Triumph has announced a number of changes to its iconic Daytona 675.
    The Daytona has received a 'refresh' with a striking new Sulphur Yellow paint scheme, which is underlined with yellow pin stripes on the wheels.
    With weight reduction a constant preoccupation with performance riders, the bikes front mudguard, cockpit infills and exhaust heat shield all get the lightweight carbon fibre treatment.
    The new look Daytona also now comes with a quickshifter and billet levers to strike home the racing pedigree of the bike. This all adds up to $1850 worth of parts & accessories at no extra cost.

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  2. looks 'tame' for the beasty it can be!
  3. if I wasnt such a heavy fat bastard i would own a 675 over the 1000cc class

    trouble now is if I sit on one it says "get off me "

    Yellow bikes are cool
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  4. Oh I like
  5. They spelt piss wrong. Its P I S S not sulphur...
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  6. I still can't get over how great these are to ride. The quick shifter may be wank, but I like it so I guess I'm wanky.
  7. New model coming soon?
  8. PS Ringwood are expecting their Sulphur Yellow 675 very soon.
  9. Is the 675 Daytona better in any way than the bigger Daytona(s)? It seems when people mention just 'Daytona' it almost always refers to the 675. I ask because I'd love a Daytona for my first non-restricted bike, but the bigger one would be cool since I'm a big boy
  10. They dont make a 1000-ish Daytona any more.
  11. Same here Takamii. Made me question my original choice of STR-R. Still haven't made up my mind.
  12. Suplhur Yellow looks pretty good in person, PS Ringwood now have theirs.
  13. Any other colours? That one looks shite!
  14. Not so much yellow, more of a dirty green..... <shrug>

    The 675 Daytona is a fine bike, ..... if you are reasonably normal in size, for a track day thing. Twenty minutes on it, forty minutes to recover, take Panadol.

    As a normal day-to-day motorcycle however ..... <shrug>

    It doesne work for me.
  15. Actually just read an AMCN article today about the Daytona 675.....

    The 2013 is refuelled.....restyled.....better brakes, better handling and better throttle.....

    It's also a bit cheaper for the R model with Ohlins at both ends......

    NB** Not my kind of bike..........low end punch and torque is king in the real world in my books (that's why I ride everyday on a two-pot thumper :devil:) ......but hell - they keep making this thing sweeter and sweeter.....can't be a bad thing
  16. I miss my Daytona!! Shit hot is the word I'd use to describe these bikes
  17. You need to drink more water
  18. Well I agree, clear coat over the fairings untainted would be a nicer colour