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VIC Changes Of Personnel At The T A C

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. It's been confirmed that John Thompson, Senior Manager of Road Safety and Marketing at the Transport Accident Commission, has elected to resign.

    If you recall the reconvened Parliamentary inquiry into Motorcycle Safety where the TAC's reconstruction advert was the focus, John was one of the senior TAC people leading their representation to the Inquiry.

    I genuinely wish him well in his new endeavours.

    It's my hope that this change will usher in a new period of co-operation between the TAC and Victorian Motorcycling, where we work towards a common message that "Road safety is a shared responsibility between all roadusers".

    That is my hope...

    I fear I might be hoping for a little longer as I'm not sure that all the lessons from the PMI have quite been learned as yet. I understand that TAC are working on a new motorcycle ad campaign, but to the best of my knowledge it has not had any MC representative or MC expert input. If sources are correct though, the new campaign isn't so negatively "blame the rider" focussed as the more recent ads have been. I guess we'll wait and see.

    Anyway, good luck John. If you ever rekindle your L's and would like some advanced on road ride coaching, look me up.

    I think I can say this on behalf of the VMC, we look forward to the announcement of either his replacement or new Road Safety deparment arrangements and continuing to try and foster a working relationship with the TAC going forward.

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  2. Rob you’re very diplomatic.

    To him I say goodbye, good riddance and don’t come back. Realistically the entire board and senior management need to go as well.
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  3. Sounds like one has been suicided to save the needs of the many....

    I'll take the tinfoil hat off now.
  4. lets hope they are like lemmings
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  5. As long as it isn't Sam: she tried to turn the increase in road toll for older Victorians into an anti motorbike rant this morning. Despite the facts, she blamed it on older riders when interviewed!
  6. I think that's possibly the opening salvo / warm up for the new ad campaign - older riders are the focus if what I've heard is correct.
  7. She's currently acting in the job...

  8. you mean she was promoted to her level of incompetence.

    All be it temporary
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  9. let's hope cockfeeld does not get the top job.
  10. Well if she can develop an empathy for riding, then her smarts could be good for TAC / Rider relations.
  11. Here is the official announcement on mUmBRELLA site:

    TAC’s Christmas enforcement shoot
  12. Pigs fly as well Rob :)
  13. Even now when he resigns he lies through his teeth. GOOD RIDDANCE
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  14. He used tactics that have proven not to work. I share Rob's sentiments - we live in hope that this may the start of a new TAC.
  15. Terrific CV for a Road Safety expert :eek:

    Unfortunately all they have is marketing as a prime criteria: understanding the product is not seen as a prerequisite to creating a propaganda campaign.
  16. what's the countdown date to the Inquiry findings release?
  17. 13
    13th December
  18. I'm ever the optimist mate.

    Isn't it interesting that in the mumbrella piece, TAC brand awareness was a matter of importance. That's a pure marketing view.
  19. mumbrella have a lot to answer for
  20. This is the faith that I go
    back to the South with. With this faith we will
    be able to hew out of the mountain of despair
    a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able
    to transform the jangling discords of our
    nation into a beautiful symphony of
    brotherhood. With this faith...
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