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Changes in Melb's retail landscape

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Some changes occurring in the Melbourne bike retail landscape of late.

    I understand, un-confirmed, that Peter Stevens are now the owners of Top Gear Motorcycles in Frankston from around a month ago.

    Also, not sure if I can mention names yet so for now I won't, another major retail/dealer in outer Melbourne has purchased a similiar major retail/dealer also in outer Melbourne and will be re-badging that store with their own name.

  2. Would you believe that once upon a time there was a Peter Stevens in Springvale?
  3. It would have been far more interesting if you had announced this as a new alias, and dumped all the details on us, albeit anonymously. :D

    All the same interesting and not all that surprising.

    PS must be carrying millions in stock, and new and used bikes, so you would have to think that the motorcycle trade can't be all that unprofitable as some would suggest?
  4. A sales guy was speaking about this in the Dandenong Peter Stevens on Saturday.
  5. For all the NSW guys get ready for Sydney City Motorcycles to be bought out by a chain of shops heading south from Queensland.
  6. Yes its true. Cant be a bad thing. The quality of service they give in their store will be taken to the new shop. Things can only get better from here in for riders in the eastern burbs.
  7. I also heard that the reason Coles Myer are selling the Myer Retail Stores, is because they want to get into selling Motorcycles and then eventually cars, so when you buy a car or motorbike from them, you get more cents off per litre at their petrol stations........ A bit like how Mayne Nicklaus turned their back on the transport and security industry and got into Hospitals and health and then pharmarceutical manufacturing and distribution.

    I think that there is more money to be made in selling Dririder Touring Jackets as oposed to selling general everyday stuff like clothes and manchester, the odd cd/dvd to go with the odd dvd player, mp3 player and stupid ornaments that they have in their stores.

    Imagine the possiblities????

    4 floors of Dririder touring jackets and Draggin Jeans at Myer Bourke street. Paradise!!!!

    Cheers guys

  8. at 3x the RRP price!!!

  9. So what about the RRP, think about all them Flybuys points...... One pair of Draggin Jeans could get you enough points to get you a Calphalon Square Grill Pan, the 28cm one. THINK ABOOUT IT man!!!!

    Don't think of the price, think of what you are getting for the price.


    Moto GPC
  10. For only $99-95 a set of these cut anything, lifetime guaranteed steak knives... but that's not all if you ring before 9pm well throw in this set of free... YES FREE! Dri-Rider unlined waterproof overpants.
  11. Nah, not my style :) Especially as I'm told it's no longer a secret :wink:

    Geoff Taylor Motorcycles in Dandenong has purchased Nova Honda in Ferntree Gully.

    The name/branding change of Nova is still under consideration though. They may not change it all, or perhaps change the name of both stores.
  12. There are also changes a foot with regards to Kawasaki dealership dealership in Dandenong. It did belong with Peter Stevens, but due to a floor space issue Kawasaki will be moving. And Stevos just bought a new workshop too.....buggar!!!....NOT......lol

  13. Wish someone would take over New World Honda and run it like a business, they really have no idea of the motorcycle market or how do be competitive in it.
  14. In what way Steve? We've had nothing but good experiences with them.
  15. Can't be true - just can't. Top Gear were brilliant when I bought my Roadie, can't say enough good things about them. If they were a PS store then they'd have been rude, overpriced and the bike wouldn't be roadworthy.
  16. Give them time.... Management will soon whip them into shape...
  17. now you can get shit quality service in frankston too
  18. Nova Honda is in Ringwood, Jeffrey's Honda in FTG.
    btw: PS also owns Monza Imports which recently gobbled up another 2 major importers (forgot their names atm).

    Hogleys will not any longer be imported via private importers but a new factory-owned HD-Australia.
    BMW has pretty much completed their closure of previous retailers/ shops, leaving only 1-2 outlets in major cities.
    Kwaka is going the same way, as are most other brands.
    All brands want total market/ price control over their products via AUS-subsidiaries.
    That's the reason that businesses are either buying out others (to create a diversified safe-haven in either accessory imports/ distro of smaller brands like Vespa/ Hyosung etc etc...or... buying into a soon-to-be-single-brand franchise.
    Yo, things are changing rapidly behind the scenes, everything racing towards monopolies of some combo or other.
  19. Ooops :) Nova in Ringwood