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Changed plugs, now stooling and running troubles

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Neg, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, wondering if anyone can help me out? I just recently changed all four plugs because they had fouled up on me. I ordered in the exact same ones, checked the distances and popped them in. The bike starts fine and runs fine but occasionally stools at the lights or when approaching the lights. ALSO, sometimes i might ride to the city or friends houses etc and it will run fine (but still stool), but other times i might be cruise and the bike starts chuging as if it is running out of fuel?? I then give it a bit and it back fires. Could the plugs be dodgy? I havn't touched the idle as it is idling over 1000revs which should be fine, therefore don't know what is stooling it either. When it stools starts straight away when i turn it over aswell. Any ideas? Thanks heaps in advance, Dave

  2. stooling running problems? eep! too much curry last night maybe? :p :p


    possibly havn't connected a spark plug lead properly? or even worse, mixed a couple up? could be a dodgy plug or lead too, but i'd check the things that wont cost you before the ones that will...

    check if all 4 pipes are hot, just splash a little water at them and see if it boils at the same rate on them all. that'll tell you if all 4 cylinders are firing.

    stalling/backfire could be caused by a misfire and as long as the other 3 cylinders are A-OK it'll start again no worries.
  3. problems

    Sounds like you could possibly have intake valve problems,maybe a burnt out or leaking valve seat thats letting in too much juice,so on idle its not too bad,but when she,s pumping,theres just too much juice gushing in and the air/fuel mixture is too rich,if the oil rings a stuffed,it lets oil passed and can foul the plugs,if you have a compression tester,from memory,do a compression test on a cylinder or 2 and record the reading,then if you squirt some oil in the spark plug whole,into cylinder head,then take another compression test reading and its still the same,means youre compression rings are on the way out. :tantrum:
    If its backfiring that means you are getting unburnt fuel thru to the exhaust and the heat of the exhaust is igniting the unspent fule,were all 4 plugs fowled?If not,find out which 1 was,and do the compression test on 1 cylinder that is fowled,and 1 that isnt,bet you a beer that the one thats fowled will be lower on compression.
  4. first thing I would be checking if the leads are on good and proper... than I would check the air filter... it just might be dirty and caused the plugs to faul up in the first place..
  5. Have you drained the carbies as a small amount of water will give that miss and run lean issue you refer to in backfiring and poping when given a handful also would have caused the plugs to foul in the first place due to leaning off if water is blocking the idle circuit of one or two of the carbies
  6. yeah i have cleared the carbies, leads are in in the right place too..... maybe just buy another set of plugs?
  7. Have you recently changed your mufflers, or put in a performance air filter? Doing this without re-tuning can cause the stalling problems (and other problems). How old is the bike, how many ks has it done?
  8. Do they still coat plugs with an anti-corrosion coating that needs to be filed off before fitting?
    (if not I'll just go back into my cave :wink: )
  9. check the spark gaps also.
  10. Check leaks on the intake side of the carbies. Including pressure test points and carbie mount boots.
  11. Thanks for all the help guys, ended up being an electrical problem, a loose wire to the battery! i took it to a mechanic twice! and he still couldn't find the problem! Just a simple wire...
  12. Excellent mechanic! :-k