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changed oil and filter, now temps going up?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by sebatron, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. I changed the oil on filter on my GPX250 about a fortnight ago... I just got back from QLD so today was the first real ride I had. Anyway... the temp gauge is getting pretty close to the red zone. It usually went no higher than say, half way.. whereas now it's about 3 quarters.

    I did try to change the spark plugs too (hence had to disassemble bout half the bloody bike) but I had the wrong tool so i couldn't even loosen the plugs.
    It included removing the fuel tank, but i know i plugged all the hoses back in fine.
    The bike smelt a little of uncombusted petrol though.

    does the rising temperature have anything to do with my attempt at maintenance, or is it the bike being a bit out of tune, or the sparks fouling over, or what?

    it's a twincarb motor, when i get some time and space i was gonna pull it apart and clean the carbies out properly, syncronise them, as well as adjust the valves and everything... i've done about 1400k's since i bought the bike, no idea when any of that was last done.

    whaddya reckon?

  2. I say that it prob is a result of your maintenance :roll:

    Hard to say what has gone wrong, I'd prob start of by draining the coolant and refilling then check the oil level. You might also want to check that your fan is coming on when it gets hot (you may have accidentally unplugged a wire).

    If all fails then take it to a professional, you'll only bugger it up if you ride it when it's getting too hot.
  3. rode it again... didn't play up at all.

    fan came on fine, im pretty sure it did before too.

    i had the fuel tap set to reserve, cause it was fairly low. once i filled up, it was all good again.

    maybe it's just the crap in the bottom of my tank.
  4. Yep probably, I just keep mine on 'main' all the time and fill up just before it's about to go onto 'reserve'. This way you are saving your 'reserve' for when you really need it (ie. out of fuel in the middle of nowhere).
  5. that was pretty much the situation.

    i think i might go buy a fuel filter (my bike hasnt got one at all) and chuck that in... I don't think i'm doing the carbies (or valve deposits) any favours by running the shit in the tank through.