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Changed my own oil today!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Well, well well...aren't I a clever dick :grin: :p

    After much reading and chatting to bike minded people, I finally got the courage to have a bash at doing a bit of my own maintenaince.
    I took myself off to the bike shop today and got the oil and filter, not as expensive as I first thought, $25 4ltr oil and $14 filter.

    Took me all of about 30 minutes from start to finish :grin:

    I'm so pleased with myself, I'll be doing more of my own maintenance from now on, it's not as difficult as I thought it'd be.

    hmm..next project will be new sprockets and chain.

    so for anyone out there thats been thinking about having a go at changing their oil themselves....its EASY!!! even a girl can do it :p :p
  2. It's great doing your own work isn't it? I find teh best part is not so much the money saved, or the satisfaction of finishing a tough job, but being able to do it when it suits you( no organising lifts, picking up bike/car at end of day etc) and knowing you have actually replaced items, not just invoiced them as replaced!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. :) There's alot of smaller jobs like that, that you can do, Caz. :)
    ie...air filter...

    As you've descovered, ya just have to give it a go.
  4. HOW do you change your oil?
    i went to a workshop course but we never got round to it in the lesson.
    i wouldnt mind saving myself some moohla too.
    any weblinks? :grin:

    cheers linz :tantrum:
  5. Well done, the XV/SRVs are easy to service and as others have said, you can save a heap. Onwards and upwards!