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changed my mind on a spada... looking at a VTR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by honeybeesweet, May 13, 2007.

  1. I am getting my L's in June and was thinking of getting a Spada but i went to ACTION in Parramatta and sat on a few different bikes and now leaning more towards a VTR... they seem a lot more comfortable, i found the spadas handle bars too low, and i figured better to get a newer model bike as i will probably keep it for a while... any thoughts??

  2. The VTR250 is a great learners bike, no doubt about it. My only complaint about the VTR is the lack of a 6th gear, I think it's stupid for it not to have one. But would that small issue stop me from getting one if I did it all over again? Hell no.

    The Spada is a good bike too, but they are getting pretty damn long in the tooth and the availability of good ones is getting smaller and smaller.
  3. If I keep living in rental houses for the rest of my life, I'll never see my bond money back!? Damn dead money!

    Why do some people choose to fit the toilet roll backwards (paper exiting underneath)? I wonder what percentage of people fit it this way? There truly are 2 types of people in this world...

    ...as to the VTR, they're widely recognised as one of the best learner bikes. Pick the one with lowest mileage and the colours you like and you won't look back.

    Oh, there's always the search button that may assist you in times suach as these.
  4. yeah i was looking for spadas for sale but the ones that i found in good nic had way too many k's and for the price on them id rather pay a bit extra and get a VTR
  5. sorry, but i don't understand what you mean??
  6. there's a mammoth amount of discussion on the forums about the vtr. Do a search for it and you'll find plenty of stuff people have written about them. I love mine, it's a fantastic little bike, easy to ride, and I don't find 6th gear a real requirement (yet) :p
  7. Honda left out a 6th gear on the vtr because it's not needed.

    It wouldn't be any quicker and would just add to the cost.
  8. It's not "needed", that doesn't mean it would not be better to have it.

    It's not going to make it quicker but that's not the point. It would get the revs down when you're doing 110km/h for 3 hours, and that would be most welcome.
  9. VTR250 - Great all round bike, a bike which you could easily keep riding once past your restrictions.
  10. The final gear ratio would still be the same, so it wouldn't help there, but sticking another gear in the middle would help you keep it in the available powerband, which in a vtr250 is fairly easy with 5 gears because of how much torque the engine has. IMO its not losing anything by not having that extra gear, but if you are going completely hardcore, it wouldnt hurt.
  11. The more gears an engine has, the more highly tuned the engine can be, as more gears allow you to stay in a smaller powerband longer.

    Generally speaking more gears= faster.

    Given the broad spread of power in the 250cc honda V-twin, it would make little difference.
  12. I own a Spada because I did not have enough money for a VTR250. Also there were very few VTR250 for sale (privately) at the time I was buying my bike. The prices were very close to new bikes. When I brought my Spada from Carringbah last September. I had a choice of 28 or 29 bikes to choose from. Only one was already sold. I can understand when people say that excellent Spadas are hard to find. People like me are just hanging onto our bikes.

    With the money I saved from buying a Spada instead of a VTR250; I used on lessons and some extra gear. I am not ready for an upgrade yet, both money wise and skill wise. I rather be a rider with some skill on a 250 than a rider with no skill on something bigger.

    Strangely, as for the comfort factor, I found only a minor difference between a Spada and VTR250. I know others will disagree but both bikes were fine to me.

    PS: Only a few times I wanted a 7th gear. That when I'm doing over 110km/hr and my Spada is revving quite high. I imagine the gear ratios are different for a VTR250. I have know a few who have taken their VTR250 to track days and did OK.
  13. Get a CBRRRRRRRR!

    I really want to testride a VTR250 and see what all the fuss is about, there is really a lot of hype about them.
  14. I find on the Spada I'm booting it for one more gear than it has on the highway anyway, but that's just the 250ness, I think. I adore my Spada, but yeah, they are getting older and a newer VTR is probably going to be more reliable over the longer term (though I have had zero hassles at all with my Spada). In the final analysis, it's all about what you fall in love with.
  15. Two Sydney netriders selling their VTR's; duncanp has a yellow one and MickyB V9 has a matt black one - don't know mileage or model years

    All the best in your search
  16. 2004 model, 26000km.
  17. The matt black is the Ducati Monster Dark you have when you're... etc.
  18. I know that my friend with a BMW 1200S bought a VTR250 for his wife at the time, and he found spending more time on it then the BMW and having more fun around town.

    VTR is a good choice and will bring a smile to your face.

  19. mmmmm VTR good
  20. mmmmmmmmmm vtr1000 betterrrrrrrr :) :p lol