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NSW Change your Electoral roll details when you move!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. So I moved back into my parents house 2.5 years ago, and stayed their for a year and a half. During that time I never bothered to change my electoral roll details, because there was no election and it was only a temporary move (lasted a little longer than I expected), however I did change my license details with the RTA. I moved again over a year ago and changed my electoral roll and license details straight away.

    Have not heard a peep from the SDRO, the RTA or the sherifs office about this till today when my mum calls me saying there's a letter addressed to me at their house, with a fine of $1740 in it for failing to turn upto jury duty. After this I went down to get the mail at my house and there was a letter from the RTA suspending my drivers license for having not paid a fine.

    So they used the electoral roll details to summon me for jury duty and then all following correspondance about fines, extra fines for not paying the initial fine with my original address until now. Desite having changed my RTA address upon moving each time and having changed my electoral roll details over a year ago. I haven't got the details yet but according to the Sherrifs office website $1100 was the initial fine so they have slapped quite a bit on. I have also corresponded with the SDRO about another completely unrelated minor parking fine during this time.

    I called SDRO and they put a hold on the license suspencion (although I have unknowingly been riding and driving on a suspended license all weekend, thankfully I didn't get pulled up), I should get out of this one I hope, I was also overseas at the time of the initial summons which has to help. However, I just wanted to vent at a very stressful afternoon which came out of nowhere and warn you all to change your electoral details whenever you move.

    Mods, I know this isn't bike related but this seemed the best section to post in.
  2. Ouch lol you copped it hard!
    I had a fine for not voting from moving house literally down the street 6 houses once - but turns out the suburb line went between a couple houses between where i was and where i moved to then.
    Basically what happened was i went and voted in the old electorate, which reminded me to change my address on the electoral roll after i gave them the wrong one first, and then there was an election in the new one - which i didnt realise i was in, so i didnt go vote!

    Simple $104 fine for not voting... which i had cleared up by telling them what happened and getting laughed at and sympathised with.

    Your case though is a little more full on what with the jury duty etc... The fines are tricky, as i had a friend lose his licence for 3 months over his ex missus getting a speeding ticket on his car and he lost his licence while out of the country due to unpaid fines. After clearing it all up the magistrate said he couldnt clear the licence suspension as there was no recourse for him to take under the law, despite clearing the fines as he was obviously out of the country.
    Not sure exactly how that worked out in the end - surely a magistrate can overrule a suspension for any reason, but he was walking for 3 months nonetheless.
  3. I couldn't be sure, but I can imagine they haven't summoned you successfully and thus the fines can't stick.
  4. Yeah, I don't think it will stick. Just talked to the sherrifs office and she told me I need to send in a stat dec, some form and proof of where I lived at the time and present and I should have the fine withdrawn. I just find it absolutly unbelievable that you can rack up fines that high without hearing a peep, until they decide it fit to suspend your license. I've always kept my nose fairly clean and this makes me feel like a petty criminal.

    My address has always been right with the RTA and my address with the electorol roll has been right for over a year. I also contacted the SDRO about 8 months ago and had a few phone calls and correspondance with them but they failed to mention the fact I owed them a lot of money. When are they going to have one bloody address system for all government departments.

    Anyway fingers crossed that the fine should be withdrawn and I will be anal about changing all addresses whenever I move.
  5. You can get yourself removed from the electoral roll if you like. Just a form to fill out. People think it's "illegal" but that's crap. It's only illegal if you're on the roll and don't vote. I'm not on the roll and have never had an issue.

  6. Just to add. Even though you get taken of the roll it only means you are silent and won't show up on what the public can view. You still have to vote (or get fined) but the ballot papers are sent out to you in the mail which means no lining up on polling day. :cool:
  7. The first part reminds me of a guy I met who was released from goal one morning only to get stopped by the Police about two hours later and they found he had a warrant for his arrest. You'd think they'd do all those types of checks before releasing someone?

    As for the second part isn't that what the National ID card or whatever it was called going to do but all the conspiracy theorists put end to that.

    But thats for another post.
  8. F**k me. Sorry to hear about your dilemma, and thanks heaps for the advice! I am going to go update my electoral roll details right now.
  9. Hi, I had this exact thing happen to me. Id moved house from where the Jury Duty summons letters were sent too, and all further correspondence. So i never knew anything about it until the sheriff tracked me down with a letter saying I was fined nearly 2 grand.

    All i had to do was send a declaration that I didnt live at that address when the letters were sent, plus evidence proving this. I think for memory, my rental ledger was enough. The fine was wiped after I sent this info.

    So if you truly did not live at the address, then you will be in the clear. Just send off what you need to prove it.