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Change Tyre Now Or After?????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Ok this is starting to bug me....
    What would you do?

    Rear tyre of my GS500F has about 1000K left on it if that.....
    First week of July I'm off to Sydney and unfortunately have no choice but the Hume due to time constraints. ( I am trying for a couple of extra days for a coast return!)

    Option 1, change now:
    Well main thing is that'll it will be legal for the whole trip but do I really want the first 2,000K of boring straight roads on a new tyre??

    Option 2, change on return:
    May be debatable whether it's legal by the time I get to Sydney if pulled over by the plod and I don't really want any issues. But I've been told that because it's continuous riding, I MIGHT be ok until I get back.... Don't like that word 'might'...

    Option 3,
    Get that extra 1000K done in a week and a bit then change it before..... (most likely...:LOL:)

  2. Well, if you go option 1, then at lest there won't be issues with over cooking it on a new tyre and ending up on your arse :p
  3. Sorry what? i fell asleep reading that.
  4. option 3 :)
  5. Keep it. I doubt you will get pulled over if you're not being stupid. Even if you do, I would be surprised if they look at your tyre. If they then do look at the tyre, I can't relly see them being pricks if you said it was legal before you left and you will change it at first possible opportunity (make sure they radio area command for someone who rides to verify life of bike tyres if they dont believe you).
  6. Option 2

    Plenty of places to get it done if you need to.
  7. Depends on the tyre and conditions, i've seen an iffy tire on metal after 200km of straight road.

    unroadworthy = unisured btw (just thinking about your concern about other drivers on the road in the weekend blitz thread)

    CVFR is right though - there are plenty of places to get it changed if you need to, you just might not get much of a selection depending on where you are.
  8. How do you judge 1000km?

    The closer the rubber is to the wear indicators, the faster the tyre wears.
  9. In the name of diplomacy joedelosa, I'd have to go with all 3 options.. they all make sense and really, your call.
    Just a shame you're not leaving for Sydney on the 17th June - would love a ride buddy for the long (my first) ride there.
    Hope you get the issue with your hoop/s sorted mate.
  10. I'm pretty conservative with tyres especially in winter and I'd get a multi compound sport touring tyre like a roadsmart or bt021 a week or so before I go.

    notice you didn't mention losing the rear in he wet as an option.
  11. get it changed now and fling the old one in the back of the shed for later, you never know when or how it might come in handy.....

    and, yeah, my vote is a BT-021 too.
  12. Don't think that the BT-021 is available in a suitable size for the GS500 is it?
  13. If your finances are up to it, replace the tyre before you leave. Punctures are more likely towards the end of a tyres life span, and a puncture between here and Sydney could be a real bummer.

    If you must leave the old tyre on, put a bottle of that green self sealing goo in it before you leave.
  14. Thanks guys....
    The gs500 comes with a stock 130/70 17 rear and I am limited on choices due to size.
    Oh by the way, looks like I'll get it changed before I leave due to some additional riding before hand and it'll probably be level with the tyre markers by then.....

    Oh well, time to make some calls for quotes...
  15. When you get up here to Sydney mate come along to Homebush and weave a few cones and say "hi". (y)

    Fun Ha!
  16. Apparently you can swap the rear wheel from some other Suzuki models to run a 150/160 rear which does open up the tyre choices a little more.
  17. I've been on the gstwins forum where there are many who have tried different tyres on the little gs.
    Nearly all of them who tried larger tyres agreed that they felt the stock or similar size tyres were the best option for the gs and the wider tyres actually made handling harder.
    Some said the slightly larger 140/80 17 (not a great deal of difference) was probably the best alternative.

    I'd say the manufacturer may have got it right with their original choice for the gs.
    They would have done their testing unles cost was their priority.
  18. Yes planning to make an appearance....
  19. +1

    Definately option 3
  20. change it, try a wrecker or ebay see if you can pick up a cheapo s/h one if you don't want to go new....

    Really a touring tyre won't suffer much on one trip up the hume, from my experience though there are other routes that are quicker then the hume :twisted: and more fun to boot. If you were to do them, then yes i would certainly put a new rear on for that run (y)