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Change to epic boob threads

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by uncle greg, Jan 10, 2016.

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  1. Shit I did not even notice the title change,I just see the words epic boobs and click away.
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  2. Na. We need a statue outside the MCG. Not sure what the statue should be.....
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  3. Jeffco's avatar surrounded by T&A... much like the bunny's and heff, minus the ears... and tail..
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  4. I don't watch this thread but how come it's not RRDevil's thread anymore????
  5. Assume as Jeffcos been the major contributor lately ??
  6. It was changed a couple of weeks ago, I never noticed either till it was pointed out to me.

    If the masses are unhappy with the new name happy for it to change back I will post regardless :)
  7. I'm happy, just as long as I can find it when I need a "hit" keep up the good work JeffcoJeffco, first world problems hey :meh::meh:
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  8. What's happened to RRdevil? I saw a Duc 899 and Daytona today parked outside the ATO. Both have 1.5 inch chicken strips, lucky RR hasn't seen them.
  9. So, weren't you the least bit tempted to push them over?
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  10. yeah
    no disrespect for you mate
    but I think the change shows a lot of disrespect to op
    hes not here any more but I don't like the way a moderator has written him out
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  11. Where's devil got to anyway - did the forum go too "noob" for him?
  12. yep
    something like that anyways
  13. He left of his own accord, it's the nature of the inter webs, people come and go.
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  14. not a good enough reason to change the thread title
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  15. I can see why it was changed and it was suggested by other users, not that I would have bothered myself.
  16. its a bit like re writing history to suit how you want the world to be though isn't it

    I know some of the moderators would like to do the same to me
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  17. I agree. People come and go and there's a bundle of posts touched on now and again from original posters that are no longer here.

    Makes no odds to me personally, and jeffco's carrying the flag, but one guy started the thread.
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  18. I didn't start the Motorcycle p0rn thread, but I have contributed to it quite a bit. (No, not this thread...) If I HAD started it, I would perhaps be very slightly miffed if it got renamed or labelled to suggest that somebody else did it, but more to the point, I would like it to keep going. I could forgive a lot if the thread stayed alive and people used it. I might biatch about it a little bit, in a joking sort of way...
  19. yeah but he didn't leave
    he was locked out
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