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Change the Date of Australia Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. There have been calls for some years to look at changing the date of Australia Day from January 26. I support the call to look for a new date to celebrate Australia and Australians.

    The current date commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. That is the beginning of Australia's European history, but it ignores the long Aboriginal history that Australia already had at that time, and it could be argued that it also focuses on England and Europe and ignores both earlier visits from other countries and later immigrants from all over the world.

    Support an Australia Day for *all* Australians.

    (I started a Facebook group on this topic but I've already unintentionally pissed Jason off way too much with spamming the wife's business, so definitely no linkage.)
  2. At the risk of wearing my prejudices on my sleeve (as a target).

    If the indigenous people of australia believe Jan 26 is Invasion Day, then they must also consider that it was a succesful invasion day.

    The victors write their version of history. The losers do not get that chance.
    Hence the 'british' have their version as 'official'

    Of course, if anyone cares to get off their butt, work hard, encourage, inspire and help others to do the same, then they get the opportunity to change the path of history.

    I say to indigenous people of Australia - the challenge is there, rise and meet the challenge, and you will get your chance.

    To anyone of any culture, any race, any religion, any sex, the same challenge is there for you as well.

    Will you make the grade for the 'new' Australia?
    It is clear that the WASP template no longer has pride of place in Australian society. Lets put people that make a difference (positive difference please, no whingers, bludgers) as the new template for AUSTRALIA.
  3. The challenge to invade a country and control its inhabitants?
  4. I get all that logic, but then why stick with a reminder of the old paradigm? The new paradigm is going to be the person who can do something for themself. One of the proposed dates (by me) is July 5, the anniversary of the Australian Constitution, which we created ourselves (even if it did require Royal Assent).

    Another nice suggestion from someone was the day we become a Republic.
  5. i wonder if changing australia day will make any difference to people in struggling aboriginal communities.....

    symbolism is all well and good but it wont fix the problems that go on in those communities
  6. Agreed - that's a whole other problem. But no-one is claiming that changing the date *will* make that kind of difference.

    The other point is that although it was Mick Dodson who got the issue started this time, and lots of people talk about 'Invasion Day', the indigenous people of Australia are only part of my reasoning for a change. January 26 is all about the English legacy, but Australia has a long Irish and Chinese legacy, and a more recent Vietnamese and Lebanese and Sudanese and... we can acknowledge our English heritage, and even have a day to commemorate it, but Australia Day should be the day for *all* Australians.
  7. yep when/if it happens i agree with the above until then i think keep it Jan 26....

    if it gets changed can we make it a friday during summertime.....fridays just seem like a better aussie day then a monday, gives you 2 days to sober up :LOL:
  8. I fall on the change side of the debate. Wouldn't go to war over it, but I can see how it is offensive. Jan 26th is also not that significant to Australian anyway. Australia become a nation on an altogether different day.

    January 26th was just the day the first lot of Pommie backpackers showed up.
  9. perhaps we could celebrate the day we became a republic as australia day?

    oh wait....
  10. I guess no-one wanted to lose an already designated public holiday on Jan 1st :wink:
  11. Just leave it the way it is. You'll never please everyone. There will always be some minority group bitching about it.

    On second thoughts, could we change it to April 12. Then I'll always get a holiday on my birthday.
  12. Australia day!

    What a crock! It's just another farce used to promote the myth of nationalism. I wouldn't support it no matter what day of the year it is.

    Sectarianism is not what people need. We need reminders that we are not so different from the (insert minority cultural group here).

    Stuff the nation state. It's about time the world moved beyond it.
  13. I am proud of Being Australian. I think it is great that we can celebrate our great Country and the many great people within it.

    I am sorry for what has happened to the Indigenous people of this country but for how long do we have to keep saying we are fcuking sorry before we can all move on and learn to live with each other.

    I was not part of what happened and yes it was wrong but i was not there or a part of it!

    leave it the way it is.
  14. Couldn't give a rats.

    The aboriginal industry can pick whatever date they want as long as they promise to stop whinging.

    But when you think about it the achievements of the first fleet and early colonial settlement are nothing short of remarkable. People can use the day however they want, to celebrate, to reflect or mourn.

    Nobody is forcing them to enjoy it. It is what you make of it.
  15. Well dont know about other areas, but where i was yesterday to celebrate Ozzie day, was about 40,000 people and i saw a hell of a lot of abbos, why?

    more of a "do as we want, not as we do" sort of thing
  16. And furthermore, I demand an apology from those damned Romans for invading so many of my ancestors countries and imposing their will on us and killing those of us that resisted their invasion! I request that they take back their alphabet, maths and engineering improvements!
  17. Apart from the aqueducts, peace in our time, health, sanitation, law and order and education, WHAT have the Romans ever done for us?

    (you forgot the Greeks, Normans, Vikings etc.
  18. Brought peace?
  19. Why - whats the justification or reasoning (yes, I listen to the radio).

    Changing the date from January 26th to what and for what "justified" content or association.

    OK - lets change American Independance date
    Lets change Bastile (spelling) day for the French

    Hangon, lets change my birthday........ Yes, it is all silly and not worthy of any change except for a small group of idealists and polititians wanting additional votes. Ahh screw it, lets make Xmas day for the western world march the 8th - why - why not.......

    Oh, one more, lets change todays date - I think 2010 sounds and looks better than 2009.........
  20. A Definate NO!!!

    I know I will be called racist for this, but they do pretty well off the government at the moment.

    Like the time an aboriginal family across the street from me got a discounted home loan, then claimed they couldnt afford the repayments, only to have some government agency pay it for them only for them to have a brand new car a week later and guess what.....they couldnt make its repayments either so the same govt dept. paid it for them......


    the time a group of aboriginales left a friend of mine lying unconcscious in a gutter because he said Hello to them. (Unfortunately, this could be any group these days).


    My cousins best friend was aboriginal and then he and a few of his aboriginal mates broke into my cousins house, stole a whole lot of electrical items amd were caught walking down the street, never to be charged as the police said "whats the point, they will claim discrimination and it will get thrown out of court"


    my list can go on, but I'm going to get flamed so I will leave it there.

    Dont forget that white children were also taken from their parents at the same time as aboriginal children, just not as many.

    My history is a little clouded, but how did the aboriginal people end up in Australia? Didnt they migrate from another country or territory as well and if so, did they just happen across empty land?

    Caveat Emptor....let the buyer beware... how often have we heard htis saying. When you buy somehting know what you are buying. Isnt it the same if you sell some land or such. Know what it is worth, then dont biatch and moan when you get taken.

    There you go, thats my racist point of view.