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Change of riding style

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Doeven09, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. I usually ride to uni about twice a week, on those days when i finish work 7 hours before classes start and need every last minute in bed. I ride from Brunswick to Melbourne-Uni along Lygon st, inbound around 11am and out around 6:30 or 7.
    Up until a day or two ago i had remained relatively extreme-near-miss free since moving away from Kensington, even (rarely) riding at peak times.
    I was heading home, around 7:30, traffic was light, but clumped in groups where the cars take off from the lights together. I was riding up on some traffic at a red, preparing to filter when it turned green, no worries, return to right hand wheel track of left lane. Traffic is moving in both lanes now, car in the right lane is about ten meters in front of car in the left lane, and a third car further up in the right lane. They all start traveling 50, in a section i know is 60 :roll: so i prepare for overtake followed by swift double undertake, i pass left lane van guy at about 65, move through ten meter gap into left lane and begin to pass both right lane cars (had been in the left lane for around 8 seconds (i think)) when the right lane car in front begins to speed up to my speed. Now in the danger zone next to the door of this ford laser POS, what evs though, i don't really want to go more than 4~5 ks over and dont want to drop back into the other traffic. Next i know, i just catch one blink out of the corner of my eye before the laser is bearing over on me. I quickly changed from RH wheel track to left, fumbling for my horn i scared the shit out of a poor cyclist, missing him in his lane by about 20cm with about 60cm between me and the laser before abandoning the horn, dropping it down a gear and twisting. The little two-fiddy managed to get me out quick enough. I did the "wtf?" hand motion behind me then filtered the hell away from that crazed cager at the next lights. Once there i gave who i now saw was a her (not too bad either...:() the death stare through my tinted visor, until she shied away. Then popped it up and apologised to the cyclist, he was very amicable and chatted to me about "f*cking drivers", i commented on his bike, which was a cool, giant mountain bike, like mine at home, blah blah blah, then sped off.
    I was kind of rattled, but meh, i'm ok, so what evs. Just realised i rode through the exact same traffic config today with one change, straight through at 75+, so no one had a chance to try and kill me. Am i now exhibiting motorcycle hoon behaviour? I know po po would love to catch me at this, but imho its better than being smeared against a parked car. Am i just becoming the typical cbr250rr rider? (Who cares though we are ALL awesome! ;) ) Or should i just settle the hell down, sit behind 50k boring cars and wait it out till the boring filter? Boring.
    Also, another thing i learned, DO NOT go for the horn unless you've been doing it since day one. Just brake, accelerate, whatever, get out of there.

  2. Don't bother with the horn till you are safe, it's usually a waste of time. save your skin 1st then let em know about itafter, always expect cars to cut across when you are overtaking on the left, they don't expect it, and more importantly don't look for you, glad you got out of it safely
  3. I try have my horn engaged before it happens. I'm always on the horn. Tis a warning device, not an aggro device, and a few quick polite beeps lets people know you are there. Don't be shy with it.

    In most other countries, the horn means "hey dude look out, I'm coming". In australia, the horn means "WTF did you do that for dic#h#!d?!". I prefer to adopt the foreign style of horniness.
  4. No, you are becoming a good rider. Keep it up! :angel:
  5. What Waedwe and MV said +1

    Ride like your are invisible/accept the fact that people will not see you, and ride like you own the road. <<< thats my motto
  6. Ty guys, good to know i'm not going overboard.
    Perhaps i will start using the horn more often Roaster, get used to it so it becomes a natural reaction, although with some inner city rage drivers, idk whether it's the best tactic.
  7. a few short toots, enough to get attention, usually doesn't p!ss peeps off. it is the long protracted angry ones that do it.
  8. Or rage like me and hammer at their window, even if you realise in hindsight about 30 seconds later how stupid it is to do something like that - like i did. Ok im kidding :p. Dont do it :p.

    I need to learn to use the horn too :D.
  9. To sum up your rant..

    Yes, I do agree that its a good idea to spend as little time as possible in a blind spot, even if that means minor speeding. Lesser of two evils.

    But obviously if you speed at all you're a hoon and deserve to die.
  10. Depends on whether you prefer to be penalised... or dead.

    Depends on whether you'd rather be bored... or dead.

    Seriously though, there is safe infringement of arbitrary rules, and there is risky infringement. Learning the difference is critical.
  11. I want to start trolling the car forums for a woman complaining about a motorcyclist with no regard for other motorists who was cutting up the inside of her lane and tried to cut her off when she was changing lanes.

    It's all about perspective.
  12. Friggin horns again...CHEESES!:shock::-#
  13. At least we know to not get you a Stebel for your birthday, John :p
  14. ha ha! I'm trying to promote the proper use. Too much aggro in sydney.
  15. If only the stock horn on my cbr600rr 09 model didn't sound like a doorbell...
  16. you should be able to get a new one + mount pretty cheap.
  17. OP, Playing the devils advocate here, from reading your post it sounds like you really didn't have an acceptable "out" for the passing manevour you attempted. I would have waited until a suitable gap appeared in the traffic to begin the pass, just my 2c...
  18. Word of warning, you will have to remove the fuel tank, place the compressor part behind and under the tank, run a tube from there to where ever on the fairing you then want to mount the horn. DO NOT attempt to mount the horn in the original position, travel on forks apparently will hit it. I mounted my horn on the side of my fairing.

  19. Thanks for thought :)
    But I couldn't use it anyway. My fingers have no idea where the horn button is. I just ride to avoid.

    Not judging experienced riders who use their horn, but am critical of the inexperienced training themselves to rely on it.

    THAT... genuinely concerns me.

    Btw...birthdays in may, and I'll need some winter gloves by then?? :))))

  20. +1 to what John said re: relying on horns.
    You can beep all you want, but if the driver cannot see you in their mirrors .... what’s the point ?
    Cagers will be like "hey who's beeping? *look in mirrors* cannot see anything, and I'm not doing anything wrong .... I continue on my way"