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VIC Change of Police Tactics on GOR and area.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cjvfr, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. A couple of reports from riders in the Lorne area about Police tactics.

    1: Police are actively targeting the Martians Cafe in Lorne and issuing Unroadworthies for after market pipes, tail tidies etc.

    2: Current tactic is an unmarked police car towing a trailer seen on Dean Marsh rd and surrounding areas moving at 50k/h and radio ahead to a second unit when bikes pass. Quite a few caught by this in the last few weeks.
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  2. What a bunch of fags.
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  3. how fcuking low can you go, what will we have next, a couple of tryhard coppers done up as grey gomads tootling along in thier Hyunda 4x4 hauling a fcuking caravan?
  4. Jeezus, what fcuking hope have the Victorians got.

    It makes my sad to think that I once thought Victoria was a wonderful place to live with understanding police.

    Ok, that was back in the 80's.
  5. Are they running low on funds or just bored that they need to resort to these under handed schemes?
  6. Disgusting. What do tail tidies and pipes have to do with safety?
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  7. Isn't 50kmhr on the open road deliberately hindering the flow of traffic or something??
  8. I think that's only illegal on freeways. It's still a bloody rude thing to be doing.

  9. sneaky little tax collectors .. :shifty: thanks for the heads up
  10. That'd be $afety
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  11. What's next, driving on the wrong side of the road and booking everyone who swerves over double white lines to avoid a collision.

    Creating a traffic hazard to book people for supposedly being a traffic hazard is just fcuked up.
  12. Is there no entrapment defence in Vic?
  13. Pretty sure that only applies to the US (and movies).
  14. Can't see how it would count as entrapment in a strict legal sense because they're not, strictly speaking, encouraging you to break the law. After all, you're supposed to wait until it's safe and legal to pass, and not go over the speed limit when overtaking. (Always thought that was a ridiculous law to ever enforce. If I'm overtaking a four-trailer roadtrain on the open road, I'm going to be a lot safer doing it at 180 km/h than not 110 km/h.)
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  15. What I'm getting at is the current practice (amongst other strategies) of cutting a rider off then driving well below the speed limit, and then busting the rider for over taking a few K's over the limit.
    This has been seen on the Old Road with a WRX and now appears to be in use with the Po Po towing a trailer on other roads in Vic.
    Happy to admit that I'm wrong on the entrapment thing. I was thinking more of natural justice (which does exist in NSW) but I am a tad squify at the moment, so the brain is a bit lame.
  16. It's not entrapment. While I do think the concept exists in forms at least in NSW, it can't really apply to road rules by simple definition really.
  17. Quick Google search seems to suggest this is the relevant bit of law:
    So would seem the tricky bit would be trying to prove you wouldn't have overtaken the trailer if it had been towed by a normal car rather than an unmarked Police car. Of course happy to be corrected by Justus or any other lawyers, but suspect the cops would have had a good look at the laws before trying something like this.

  18. Has anyone on this forum actually been done like this or is this supposition?

    If so I reckon the boys using this sort of tactic will not be looked at favorably by the courts.