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Change lid color

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by heathermac, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Hi All I need to change my helmet color, if it's possible what's the process & what products do I use please?
    Also, how effective is it & does it need to be redone over time?
    Cheers H

  2. haha - I can't help with the question Heather, but can I guess it has to do with Deadman's post in 'my new ride' and the familiar looking Hyo I saw for sale on Ebay the other day?

    Enjoy the new wheels!

  3. I just presumed he was on the run from something!!!8-[
  4. I always thought you just have to go out and buy a new one.... as the chemicals may change the integrity of the shell...
  5. Pink helmet does not go on a red bike, Hahahaha
  6. Hi Heathermac,

    Dragan is doing some great work on helmets and is also located in VIC.

    See his work here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=129351

    Dragan is available to do all sorts of airbrushing work should you require something for your bike or car, helmet or whatever.

    You can contact Dragan via his web page of www.ld-airgrafix.com

    Tell him I sent ya! ;)
  7. Thanks for the reply's, BUT can I do it myself?
    Hopefully I'll get to ride the new bike when it's repaired lol
    Cheers H
  8. The only thing he runs from these days is ME
  9. Heather there are people who will tell you repainting is bad , but I ain't one of them.

    Light grade sandpaper to give the surface grip, and three rattle cans
    paint primer, one coat,
    the colour of your choice,spray and lightly sand a couple of times, and sealer.
    all available from Bunnings/Masters.
  10. My 2 cents..buy a new lid. Who knows what may happen insurance wise, if yours had been 'tampered with' Easy way out for the insurers!
    Get a nice black one like Brians!!

  11. Sticker could do the job. Lots of squares could easily make an decent looking other colour, provided the quality of the stickers is good. On that matter, you can buy black sheets of sticker that glows white / high vis in the dark in headlights....
  12. Rattle can matte black's the way to go - yo!
  13. ta again for the reply's.
    I'll pass on having one like brian's, yuk, plus, I haven't got the beard to go with it, YET.
    Good idea nobby, I'll think about doing that.
    Cheers H