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Change hornet handlebars?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by cerublu, May 20, 2008.

  1. I know it's possible to do this, from what I've read, but I haven't been able to find any detail on what is likely to fit my '06 900 hornet.

    I would like the new bars to be lower than the standard ones. How low they can actually be without having to make a heap of modifications is another question I have.

    I've asked around various bike shops and had no luck. The Honda dealer told me it's not possible to do at all and they know of no one who has ever done this to this model. One shop promised weeks ago to get in some which would fit but that hasn't happened.

    I emailed the Australian supplier of renthal bars, which are supposed to make something which would fit and they referred me to a distributor about an hour away from where I live. After a number of long distance phone calls and them promising to get back to me and it not happening, I took my bike to the shop.

    What they had in stock seemed either too wide, too narrow, not the right shape or the same height as my standard ones. They are saying that I may have to replace cables, brake lines and all sorts of things and even then the new bars may hit the tank when turning.

    They've promised to phone me back with information but haven't and I'm getting sick of ringing them and having no luck. I genuinely want to do make the change and intend buying whatever is needed to do it, so am not just wasting their time.

    I have read in a number of places that changing the handlebars is possible, yet every shop I've asked about it has been less than helpful. Has anyone done or have any advice about this and if so, PLEASE could you give me an idea of what will fit and what work/modifications are involved?
  2. What information are you after? Any handlebars with the same diameter will fit, beyond that you just need to choose a set you like. Assuming you're going only a bit lower, I doubt you'll have to muck around with your hoses, they'll just stick out a bit more.

    I ride a 6 with low flat renthals on it once and I hated it - but then I thought the 9's riding position was spot on.
  3. Check out Hornet's Nest for some ideas on this, those guys are nutz about mods. Here are some specs on the Renthal's that might help.
  4. The info I was after was specifically which of the bars would fit, if any. Lots of sites show or mention hornets with flatter bars, but not which ones. I was further confused by the fact that the Renthal dealer in Newcastle told me, on looking at the bike that they weren't sure which would fit and I couldn't put just any of the right diameter on. There was an issue with the width of the clamp area and the lower rise mainly. They have since told me that none of their bars will fit at all. That made me wonder who was right although it seems plenty of people have done this already.

    All I can say is that I suppose the dealer can't read the Renthal measurement chart that Halcyon days so kindly posted.

    I've been on the phone this afternoon to a Honda dealer on the central coast of NSW and in contrast they couldn't have been more helpful and knowledgeable! They assured me that the issues raised by the Newcastle shop weren't a concern and it's not difficult to do. There may be a little slack in the cables and hoses as you said Loz, but that's it. My new bars are ordered and hopefully by now, on the way. I can't wait!

    I'm fairly tall with gorilla-length arms and my previous bikes (older, largish CBs) have had much, much flatter bars than the hornet so I was after something that would just be a little more comfortable, considering that. I find the hornet's riding position comfortable except for that one little thing, which it seems is easily fixed.

    Thanks very much for the help, both of you!
  5. Hi Cerublu,

    Didi you get the "GENERIC STREET FIGHTER (789-02) NZ$149" as i suggested?

    Would like to know how you get on.
  6. I've been in touch with a bike shop a little further away who have been most helpful and the bars are on their way- they should arrive early next week and yes, those are the ones which should fit according to the shop.

    Thanks VERY much for your help! :grin:
  7. The profile looked exactly the same as the original (sweep, width, etc.), but just at half the hight.
    Havn't got mine yet, the ones I looked at were already sold. They will be getting some more in for stock soon though. What colour will yours be? The ones I looked at were gold.

    Did they say anything about changing your grips, bar-ends,etc?
  8. I wanted gold or red, but they're telling me they can't get them. So comfort may win out over style. Mine should arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday and I'll go and check them out then and let you know what happens.

    I also wondered about changing bar ends etc. but they didn't seem to think it was an issue. At present I'm just going to wait and see what happens when they arrive and go from there.

    Incidentally, one helpful company I contacted has replied with more info- and said that their "suppliers" have them in stock so they're available in "a day or so". They quoted me $499.95 for the "Ultra Low", which are 10mm lower than the Streetfighters. Big difference in price! Surely that's got to be a typo?

    I'm dubious about the Ultra Lows fitting anyway, as they're also narrower in the clamp space.
  9. Managed to get a look at Street Fighter Low & Street Fighter Ultra Low. It actially seems very close to the original, just lower. The "handle bar" clamp space actually looks as though its the same. look at the originals, wher theu start to curve up - then see where the brake & clutch handles are bolted on...

    By the way RRP for the ultra lows are NZ$149! So I would say that $499 is a type or a rip off!
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  11. Thanks again Farab! The ones in the photo you linked to look very much the height I want. So maybe the Ultra Lows are the way to go. I'm waiting to hear from the shop that the ones I ordered are in then I'll go and have a look. They bars are supposed to arrive today or tomorrow so I'm eagerly awaiting them. I'll phone before I go to ask about changing the ends as I also suspect they are going to need to be changed.

    The place that quoted me $499 has got back to me saying that it IS a typo and their price is actually $99. They're an Australian company in the Sydney area so you may possibly be interested in checking them out for your bars if you don't have any luck locally or online. One small problem... the computer with all the relevant bookmarks, emails and info on has died and I need to fix it to find that stuff- arghghgh. I need to fix it to get other stuff off it but it may take a few days.
  12. Has anyone here fitted a renthal bar? Just thinking when I get mine, I would prefer to drill a hole on each side for the locating lugs on the controls. Just wondered if anyone has done this before. Just a bit concerned as the renthals are aluminium - would like to know if it will be ok to drill the holes (thinking of metal fatigue - a concern with aluminium)
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  15. The bars arrived at the shop yesterday, so this morning I rode the three hours down to pick them up. The helpful assistant brought them out, I took one look and said "I think they're too high." Through an understandable but annoying mixup, the wrong bars had arrived. Apparently when the order was faxed through, one digit was fuzzy and got misread. Hence the wrong bars were sent to the shop. :?

    I assumed this may have been why I was told that I couldn't get coloured ones and asked again about ordering them. No, as far as they know, coloured ones are not imported into Australia at all. But I could order silver ones then wait for them to turn up...

    I rode the three hours home again, got online and have just purchased the colour I wanted in the bars I wanted from the UK. I went for the ultra lows, red bars, gold ends, red donuts. Price? $133 for bars, bar ends, grips and grip donuts and that includes shipping.

    After having bought a few other bits and pieces for the hornet from the UK I'm finding that it's much cheaper, easier and faster to buy things from the other side of the world than it is locally.
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